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February 27, 2007

And Baby Zoe Joy entered Planet Earth Today

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Zoe Joy Lee


We are so happy to announce the birth our second child, Zoe Joy Lee.

Tiff went into labor today at 9.55am and at 1.46pm, baby Zoe Joy popped out! ūüôā

Here are two cute pictures of her ..


Zoe Joy snugly wrapped up in a towel.

This was right after the delivery.


Here’s another picture of Zoe Joy lying in the crib.

Zoe Joy Details

Zoe Joy Lee

Born : 27 February 2007

Time : 1.46pm

Weight : 3.24kg / 7.1 lbs

Height : 49.5cm

** So … baby Zoe Joy is borned within the Chinese New Year
… so dear wonderful parents …
you know what to do lah ūüôā hahahaha

We are really blessed with Zoe Joy more details on the delivery and baby soon.

Mommie Tiff is resting now.
Baby Zoe Joy is in the nursery bathed and immunized.

More news later!

Watch our Family Blog : http://darentiff.blogspot.com for updates

p/s Now this is what i call a good hospital. SJMC has WIFI !! ūüôā


February 26, 2007

StrongeR ConcerT – – 9 March 2007

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 Stronger Concert

You gotta be ready for THIS!!!

Glad Tidings Youth Church will be having their Youth Concert on 9 March 2007!


The theme and thrust of the Concert is STRONGER!!

They have created a BLOG to keep you updated on what’s happening … as the dates lead up to the CONCERT.

So make sure you keep watching the Blog Рhttp://strongerconcert.gtyac.com/ and see you there at the CONCERT!!


February 25, 2007

GTPJ’s Cell Conference : 30 Apr – 2 May

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Glad Tidings PJ will be organizing our first Cell Conference this year.

The thrust of our Cell Conference is VENTURE, Impact Our City through Cells.

Dates : 30 April to 2 May 2007

Speakers : Rev Dr Vincent Leoh, Rev Wilson Teo, Rev Victor Wong

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February 14, 2007

2007 Management Retreat at Macau & Hong Kong

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This year the Mangement Team of Mandarin Oriental was given a great treat to be in two countries in just four days.

We stayed first in Macau, had a fun team building session, and then spend the last two days in Hong Kong.

Here’s a list of things that happened¬†during the 2007 Management Retreat in Macau and Hong Kong¬†

  • Woo Hoo …. We are going to Macau & Hong Kong for our Company Trip

  • Day 1 : Journey to Macau

  • Day 2 : Morning Visit to St Paul’s Ruins & Senado Square

  • Day 2 : 2008 Olympics Symbol in Senado Square, Macau

  • Day 2 : Toured the Wynn, Macau

  • There are more posts coming up … which I’m putting up one by one (no time to blog!!) hopefully over the CNY hols.


    Group Picture


    Happy Valentine’s Day

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    For God so lo V ed the world, 

           That He g A ve

                His on L y

               Begott E n

                     So N

                          T hat whosoever

          Believeth I n Him

            Should N ot perish, 

    ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† But have E verlasting life.”

    John 3:16 

    February 10, 2007

    We Planted Trees today at Rimba Ilmu

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    We had a Fun day today planting trees in a forest reserve in Universiti Malaya, called Rimba Ilmu.

    ¬†Put most of the Tree Planting activities on Blogger … just prefer how the pics are uploaded. Simpler.


     Here are some really rare samples of plants and trees and flowers found at Rimba Ilmu and the Conservatory. The Rafflesasia really looks cool huh? 

    Staff of Mandarin Oriental Plant Trees at Rimba Ilmu, UM  

    Click on the link above to watch us Plant Trees!!!  

    Below is a special Orchid, if you look at the base of the flower, you will see that it shapes like a shoe/sandal that a lady wears. Coooool huh!!  


    February 9, 2007

    Poem : MO’s Biba

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    This is another Classic Poem by Cheah when we were meeting at Mandarin Oriental’s Biba’s Cafe for our Revenue Manager’s Lunch.

    Read on ….

    Hey, hey, careful with the innuendos,
    The world is full of weirdos,
    This is as far as it goes,
    I’ve got a ring that shows,
    And fresh from honeymoon, your face still glows.

    Otherwise, people will say “Cor Blimey”,
    Those two must be good matey,
    Wonder if there is something fishy,
    or perhaps more to the story.

    So…… a simple lunch gathering it is,
    no bigger story than this,
    And stop all the rumours please,
    Just want a steak slap with grease,
    And other food I don’t wanna miss,
    Let MO’s Biba do the tease,
    And we will all feel at ease.

    For those expecting an Ang Pow,
    Don’t think I’m a cash cow,

    I give my red packets with a bow,
    But the stuff don’t go out now,
    The first 3 days of CNY is my vow,
    You must catch me before I “ciao”,
    That’s the only way to get my Ang Pow,
    If not, then how ?

    By Cheah

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