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October 6, 2007

End of this Blog …. Moved to these NEW Blogs …

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After experimenting with “blogging” and attempting to blog for one and half years … we have decided to end this BLOG. Although the wordpress “engine” is much better than the other free blogs out there, hmm … wordpress doesn’t allow ads on it! So why waste all our efforts blogging on this ya! 🙂

We have moved all our Blogs to BLOGGER, and have further segmented it so that if you are searching for anything in specific, you will know where to look for it!! 🙂

FAMILY Blog : http://darentiff.blogspot.com


WORSHIP Blog : http://sembah.blogspot.com


ANYTHING ELSE Blog : http://delephant.blogspot.com

(yups delephant blog will contain what’s not related to the family or worship.. .. … 🙂

See ya at our new Blogs

DT signing off!


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