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February 9, 2007

Poem : MO’s Biba

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This is another Classic Poem by Cheah when we were meeting at Mandarin Oriental’s Biba’s Cafe for our Revenue Manager’s Lunch.

Read on ….

Hey, hey, careful with the innuendos,
The world is full of weirdos,
This is as far as it goes,
I’ve got a ring that shows,
And fresh from honeymoon, your face still glows.

Otherwise, people will say “Cor Blimey”,
Those two must be good matey,
Wonder if there is something fishy,
or perhaps more to the story.

So…… a simple lunch gathering it is,
no bigger story than this,
And stop all the rumours please,
Just want a steak slap with grease,
And other food I don’t wanna miss,
Let MO’s Biba do the tease,
And we will all feel at ease.

For those expecting an Ang Pow,
Don’t think I’m a cash cow,

I give my red packets with a bow,
But the stuff don’t go out now,
The first 3 days of CNY is my vow,
You must catch me before I “ciao”,
That’s the only way to get my Ang Pow,
If not, then how ?

By Cheah


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