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October 31, 2006

Kena cheated – they copied my info into lelong!

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Hmmmmph! This is too much!

Lelong.com is offering RM10 lelong points if you are the first person to post up a Warehouse Sale event on their website.

So i was browsing their Warehouse Sales category that was featured on their website.

AND guess what i found?

Some cheaters took some warehouse sale events from our shoppingNsales website and posted it on lelong.com, thus earning their RM10 lelong points! Too much!

Check out this Versace Sale below: [Click on the picture to view it bigger]

 Versace Clearance Sale

Terrible huh? People nowadays just too much! At least if copy, copy selectively lah and not all the text. It was the [bracket] Text and the Versace Logo on top that gave it away!! And it was not just the Versace Sale, it was a few more too!

Anyway … for those of u who have not visited shoppingNsales yet.. go lah. Its pretty up to date with stuff that u may find that u like!

Some features for what’s available in shoppingNsales this week are:


October 28, 2006

Where is Superman when we need him?

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SupermanWhere lah?… Where is Superman when you need him?

Thankfully no one was hurt in the accident when our Light Rail Transit (or aka LRT) with its six coaches overshot its station and crashed into the buffer stop and was left precariously dangling 25 metres from the ground. The train, belonging to the Ampang Line (formerly known as Star-LRT) was empty save for the driver when the incident occurred at 7.11am yesterday.

DANGLING DANGER: A coach of the Rapid KL Ampang LRT line dangling 25m above the ground after the train overshot the end of the track at the Sentul Timur station in Kuala Lumpur on Friday morning. There was only a driver on board when the accident occurred at 7.11am. The station was closed for 20 minutes but train services were not affected. — STARpic by ABDUL RAHMAN SENIN

Thankfully the LRT Train was empty, with the exception of the driver. He just dropped off all the passengers at the last station. But i guess we could have used Superman to prevent it from further crashing into the buffer. 

A further report said that – A TNB worker close to the scene said it was fortunate that the train did not fall off completely because there was an electricity substation underneath the stabling area.  “If it had struck the substation, it would probably have exploded,” he said. 

So … where is Superman when we need him?  

Read more from : STAR

October 27, 2006

Bob’s Painting is on Amy Grant’s latest Music Video

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Robert HarperHmmm… I need to get this started correctly so that u see the total relation of this Post. This post is about my brother’s father-in-law in US.  Its just a cool testimony of how great God can use your talents and bring it up to the world.

Robert Harper is a world reknown painter based in Colorado, USA. (aka Bob Harper)

His daughter … Tawnya, married my bro … Kevin and they now got absolutely lovely kids Elijah & Noah. They are so so so cute.

[Picture of Bob and his two grandsons Elijah & Noah]

This story is about Bob Harper. In Malaysia when we say that a person is a painter, we tend to visualize a person painting the insides of a house or building. So for this case to avoid any mistaken identity, Bob is an Artist. 🙂

A few years ago, Amy Grant and Vince Gill bought a very large piece of Bob’s artwork to hang in their home.  A few months ago, Amy called Bob and asked if they could use that painting on the set of a live DVD concert recording she was scheduled to do in the summer. 

Amy Grant - Time Again

The DVD, entitled TIME AGAIN just came out.  It was filmed here in Fort Worth at the Bass Hall.  Amy wanted the set to feel like her home, so the Set Designer placed Bob’s painting center stage, just above Amy’s couch. 

Then, they made an ENORMOUS reproduction of the piece and hung it in huge sheets as the backdrop for the whole stage.  The result was stunning and, best of all, a Bob Harper Original! 

Amy Grant’s new DVD : Time Again

 Amy Grant Time Again

It was a warm September night in Fort Worth in 1978. A young singer/songwriter took the stage for her first paid performance. She sang all the songs in her youthful repertoire and even tossed in a couple Carole King compositions for good measure. Yet she still wanted to give the audience more for their money. As she stood there pondering her next move, someone in the audience yelled, “Just sing them again.”

So she did and so she has. For nearly 30 years Amy Grant’s songs have inspired her legion of fans and defined her career. Needless to say, it’s rather poetic that she returned to Fort Worth and “sang them again” for her latest collection, Time Again…Amy Grant Live, a project that takes the audience on a musical trip down memory lane and reminds us all of the power of the songs, the purity of the message and the incomparable talent of Amy Grant.

Time Again…Amy Grant Live was recorded for a CD and filmed for a DVD at Fort Worth’s Bass Hall, a perfect venue in which to capture the intimate bond Amy has always forged with her audience. The CD features such well-loved hits as “Lead Me On,” Stay For Awhile,” “Baby Baby,” “Every Heartbeat,” and a new studio version of “In A Little While,” which is being released as the project’s lead single.

For the concert portion of the DVD, Amy brings the audience into her living room—well actually as close as they can get out on the road as she brought her sofa from home, the picture that hangs above that sofa and other items from the living room of the house she shares with husband Vince Gill and their family.

(also includes 23 songs, behind the scenes features, and interviews):

Lead me on
Good for me
Stay for awhile
Takes a little time
Simple things
Lucky one
Saved by love
Out in the open
Carry you
Ask me
After the fire
In a little while
Thy word
Father’s eyes
El shaddai
Oh how the years go by
Baby baby
Big yellow taxi
Eye to eye
Every heartbeat
I will remember you
If these walls could speak

(includes 18 songs and a 4 song preview DVD with brief intro to the full DVD)

Lead me on
Good for me
Stay for awhile
Takes a little time
Simple things
Saved by love
Out in the open
Ask me
After the fire
In a little while
Thy word
Oh how the years go by
Baby baby
Eye to eye
Every heartbeat
I will remember you
Studio version – In a little while

October 26, 2006

This is the Biggest Roti ever!

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It all started early this week, when Tiff had this craving to eat a Roti Tissue. Me lah… procrastinator, delayed and delayed until we finally bought it only last nite.

[Hmmmm….  If u have not seen or eaten a Roti Tissue, u will be amazed at the size of it.]

Anyway, last nite despite the rain, we braved the dropping waters from the sky and drove to our destination to Tesco at Mutiara Damansara. There’s a Di Kayu Restaurant there that serves this delicious, mammoth looking Roti Tissue. It also takes quite a bit to prepare (30 mins at least). But anyway…. its one really sweet Roti and its really cool if u have a bunch of frens to eat and share with u.

Anyhow …. check out the pic… yes… its more than 3 feet tall … and its yummy! This is one of the biggest ROTI I’ve ever seen and ate! Yummmmmy!


 And its only RM4.00 only. Not bad pricing for such a Big Roti!

Oh yes …. U can imagine how everyone looks at u when its served on a plate in the Restaurant! Cos its so so high and everyone is just wondering what u ordered! 🙂

SS2 Gourmet Dinner – our Raya Makan Time

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In line with the Malaysia Gourmet Festival coming up, I thot we would title this the SS2 Gourmet Dinner. 🙂

It was a dinner – makan time at Tiff’s place. All her Uncle and Aunties just brought tons and tons of food to eat to eat and to eat. I mean apart from the talking.. we just ate, ate ate.

It was the first day of Raya, and it was a family get together for that nite. Everyone brought a dish or two, and we brought some desserts. It was just a great time feasting and eating. 

 SS2 Gourmet

Yummy yummy food!

SS2 Gourmet

All the aunties and cousins

 SS2 Gourmet

More Aunties and Cousins


Kung Kung (Grandpa) with Nathanael

October 25, 2006

Open Season was Hillarious

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Open Season

Martin Lawrence is the voice of Boog, a grizzly bear, and Ashton Kutcher is the voice of Elliot, a scrawny one-horned mule deer, in “Open Season”.

WE had a great time today watching Open Season. It was Hillarious. The voice of Marin & Ashton were just a great combination. The Script was pretty lame at times, but the antics and the wit and retorts were just just great.

The characters of Boog & Elliot were an amazing combination. A bear & a deer?! But it worked reeeely well. The other characters …. the Squirrels … the Porcupine (which keeps saying BUDDY) and the rest just help fill up the rest of the show. I won’t be surprise if an Open Season 2 or sequel comes out.

Open SeasonPity the bunnies, their poor sacrifices as being the “scape goat” for every tests and activity that was done in the movie. But it was really funny. U’ll know what i mean, when u go watch it.

U want a no brainer movie and just wanna laugh it all ….. go check out OPEN SEASON!

Open Season

Official Web Page : http://www.openseason.com

Open Season Trailers : http://www.apple.com/trailers/sony_pictures/open_season/


In “Open Season,” a grizzly bear named Boog (voice of Martin Lawrence) has a sweet set-up in the town of Timberline.

He lives in the garage of a nice young ranger named Beth (Debra Messing), who adopted him years before. She’s provided him with a bed, a personalized food bowl, a TV and a nighttime ritual capped by “The Teddy Bears’ Picnic” song. 

One day, after Beth and Boog have done their little song-and-dance act for the tourists, Boog frees a deer named Elliot (Ashton Kutcher) who’s lashed to the hood of a hunter’s truck. He may be missing an antler, but it turns out he’s not dead, and he later looks up Boog and entices him outside.

The promise of a candy bar, or many candy bars, gets Boog to a local store where the pair make a monumental mess. When Boog, virtually drunk on junk food, is brought home, Beth scolds, “You know what sugar does to you.”

After another mishap, Beth decides that perhaps it’s time to relocate Boog to the wild. Dropped into the pristine middle of nowhere, the bear and the buck encounter a forest full of animals, from hostile squirrels to hide-happy hunters, as the pals try to find their way home.

In this year of animated movies, parents and children have played Goldilocks as they’ve found some too long (“Cars”), too scary (for the very young, “Monster House”), too distracting (those udders in “Barnyard) or too derivative (“The Wild”), with only a few that were just right, such as “Over the Hedge” and “The Ant Bully.”

“Open Season” has a couple of lines designed to tickle adults — an animal sampling coffee, a bear looking for a nice indoor bathroom, a joke about squirrels and acorns — and an appreciation for the old-fashioned artistic style of the late Eyvind Earle, but it’s mainly aimed at the younger set. The tone is generally gentle, except for some over-the-top explosions.

Open Season

October 23, 2006

Michael Tang featured in THE STAR

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So coolness!!!  Tiff’s dad was featured in the STAR newspaper recently, with his involvement with Spencer Azizul Advertising firm and how they build up the business despite losing the Tourism Malaysia account a couple of years ago. 

Check out the Article below . . .

Spencer Azizul soldiers on

Ad agency shows its mettle amid tough times.  

LIFE has not been a beach for Spencer Azizul Advertising since losing its biggest account – Tourism Malaysia’s domestic business – at the end of 2004. But the agency, which has proven to be a long-term survivor among local agencies, is set to bounce back. 

Executive director Michael Tang says it has already secured new clients to mitigate the loss of Cuti-Cuti Malaysia account, which the agency had handled for seven years. 

“We’re starting to grow again,” he tells BizWeek in Kuala Lumpur. 

Malaysian Debt Ventures ad created by Spencer Azizul

It added three sizeable new accounts this year – IT financier Malaysian Debt Ventures (MDV), car navigational system provider Navi & Map, and Ministry of Health (Healthy lifestyle campaign) – to its client roster that already included Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB), Petronas (Mesra card and the convenience store) and Lam Soon. 

There is still some way to go, though. The Cuti-Cuti Malaysia account was worth more than RM15mil, which means this year Spencer Azizul will not be back to the record 2004 billings level of RM39mil. 

However, despite the current tough market conditions, Spencer Azizul is in a sustainable mode and is forecast to hit RM30mil in billings, Tang says. 

The agency has also recruited an experienced marketer, Muhammad Zain Ibrahim, into its management team in April. This is expected to provide the impetus to grow further in non-advertising disciplines and to secure more consumer-oriented accounts. 

Formerly L’Oreal (M) Sdn Bhd external affairs and marketing services manager, Zain is Spencer Azizul’s first general manager.  

“It’s part and parcel of a succession plan that we’re working towards,” explains Tang. “It makes business sense to think about who’s going to eventually run the company. 

“It’s not that we (Tang and Spencer Azizul founders Azizul Kallahan and Spencer Wing) are thinking about retirement but it makes sense to have someone to support you.” 

Zain, 39, graduated with a degree in economics and a minor in business from the University of Iowa in 1990, and has since worked in marketing in multinational companies such as Nestle Malaysia and Colgate-Palmolive. He was at Ogilvy & Mather for one year as associate account director, but apart from that stint, he was always on the client side. 

Tang, himself a former Ogilvy & Mather man, says: “We think Zain has the right background because, firstly, he has worked many years in marketing.  

 Michael Tang

Tang (left) and Z

ain plan to make the agency into a total marketing solutions provider

“Secondly, he has worked in mass consumer goods business. That kind of experience is very important in the ad industry, because at the day, advertising deals with consumers. If you were a fast-moving consumer goods marketer, you would have a basic tendency to align your thoughts to what the consumers think and want. 

“The third factor is he has worked on strong international brands, including L’Oreal.” 

Zain was also involved in the launch of Everyday Filled Milk and Fab Lemon, and he helped turn Maybelline into one of the country’s strongest cosmetic brands. 

With Zain’s knowledge and experience in consumer product marketing, Spencer Azizul is well equipped to pursue more potential clients in the consumer goods sector. 

According to Tang, Spencer Azizul’s business has been slanted “unfortunately far too much” in corporate advertising. “We have to start opening ourselves more in the area of consumer goods,” he says. 

Zain says given his experience, he will also build Spencer Azizul to become a total marketing solutions provider – that is, going beyond just advertising. 

He has been involved in events and promotions such as the KL Fashion Week, which has been organised by The Star and presented by L’Oreal for four years (this year there are additional organisers and sponsors).  

Zain also says the agency would like to do more market research. “Basic market intelligence and research is available everywhere, such as in publications and on the Web. It’s a matter of how you tap on that,” he adds. 

On becoming a total communication solutions provider, Tang says Spencer Azizul has already set up a public relations (PR) division in July last year. 

“PR is a very important component of the total communication strategy, and we found that oftentimes, if we had to work with an external party, those involved tended to have different goals and objectives. 

“But by having a PR unit under Spencer Azizul, we have better synergy. We have a better understanding of what the client needs are and are able to work jointly together to meet these needs,” he says. 

The PR division, which is self-sustaining now, currently have a staff of six and the agency hopes to grow it further. 

“The division also does event management such as product launches, but we try to focus on profiling clients. We also conduct media training for clients and intend to move into crisis management,” Tang says. 

The agency is currently discussing with an international Australian crisis management and business continuity consultant for a strategic partnership. “We hope to seal the agreement by the end of the year,” he says. 

Spencer Azizul, founded in 1985, has survived through the recessions when many other local agencies folded. And one can well expect the agency, with its solid strategies, to not only weather the current tough times but to expand further. 

Source : Star

October 17, 2006

Epilepsy Info in Malaysia – hard to find!

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seic.jpgWith Nathanael’s medical condition both Tiff and I have always tried to search for information and resources on Epilepsy in Malaysia. U know what? Its really really hard to find stuff and to find support from other parents who have been going thru it.

So then came this day… why not share with the others what we have found. So we’ve created this blog called Seizures and Epilepsy in Children or SEIC in short.

A lot of the info has been found online by Tiff. She does most of the research online. And I believe there are lots more out there which we have not found yet.

And we’ve put in information that we have found that relates to Epilepsy in general and also information and resources that we have found, used and found really helpful to us.

Hopefully this site will be a blessing to the other parents in Malaysia looking for similiar information on Children suffering from Seizures and Epilepsy.

Some links from SEIC:

And we are adding more and more links to both the Malaysian & International Links.

So if you’re a parent with good Epilepsy information and resources in Malaysia, please share it with us.

Hope this site will be a blessing!


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