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November 27, 2006

The Nativity Story – A must watch Movie for Christmas

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The Nativity Story


Just read the reuters article (below) on The Nativity Story. Sounds great, they even did the pre-screening at the Vatican, that’s a Big WOW!

I believe the story will show a more Biblical account on the life of Joseph & Mary, on the revelation they received and the struggles they had to go thru, when they journey to Bethlehem for the the Birth of Jesus. (It would be a rather accurate account of what happened, otherwise they would not have screened it at the Vatican).

I like the Teaser in the Trailer which states,

“A Mircale which will change the World”

I hope this Movie will make it to Malaysia, it will be screening in the US on 1 December 2006. I am sure the movie will bless many, give hope, encouragement and strength to many.

The Nativity Story

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – “The Nativity Story”, a Hollywood movie of the story of Mary and Joseph before the birth of Jesus, had its world premiere at the Vatican on Sunday and won strong praise from the man known as the “deputy pope”.

The audience of some 8,000 people who attended a benefit gala premiere in the Vatican’s vast Paul VI Hall broke into applause five times during the screening and again at the end. It was the first feature film to premiere at the Vatican.

“It is well done,” said Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican’s Secretary of State, who ranks second only to Pope Benedict in the Vatican hierarchy.

“It re-proposes this event which changed history with realism but also with a sense of great respect of the mystery of the nativity,” he told reporters afterwards. “It is a good cinematic event … the judgment is positive.”

The film stars 16-year-old Keisha Castle-Hughes as the Virgin Mary. Castle-Hughes, an Academy Award nominee who rose to cinema fame in “Whale Rider”, is a New Zealander who is pregnant and unmarried in real life and did not attend the premiere.

Vatican officials have denied reports that the Pope did not attend the premiere because of the unwed pregnancy controversy. They said he never planned to attend because he is 79 and resting ahead of a difficult trip to Turkey starting on Tuesday.

The premiere was attended by Iranian actress Shohreh Aghdashloo, who was nominated for best supporting actress for her role in “House of Sand and Fog”. She plays the role of Elizabeth, Mary’s cousin and mother of John the Baptist.

It was also attended by Oscar Isaac, who plays Joseph, director Catherine Hardwicke (“Thirteen”, “Lords of Dogtown”) and writer Mike Rich (“The Rookie”, “Finding Forrester”).


The film, made by New Line Cinema, which opens worldwide on December 1, tells the story of Mary and Joseph’s arduous journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem, where it ends with the birth of Jesus.

It portrays Mary and Joseph as simple, poor Jews and realistically reconstructs villages in Biblical Israel.

Bertone, the Vatican secretary of state, said the very few artistic liberties the film took with gospel accounts “do not harm the presentation of this sacred and unique story”.

He praised the film as a valid tool for religious education “because it introduces us to the mystery of the great gift of God”.

The stark simplicity of the film, made in southern Italy and Morocco, makes it very unlike the big blockbuster star-studded gospel stories of the 1950s and 1960s such as “King of Kings”, “The Ten Commandments”, and “The Greatest Story Ever Told”.

Following the release in 2004 of Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ”, it also is the latest release marking a trend in the return of movies with religious themes, once a staple of big Hollywood productions decades ago.

Proceeds from the Vatican benefit premiere will go to the building of a school in the Galilee village of Mughar which will be attended by Druze, Christian and Muslim children.

The Holy Land village has been the scene fierce sectarian strife in the past. The school construction project is being coordinating by Cor Unum (One Heart), the Vatican’s charity arm.

 MOVIE POSTER : The Nativity Story

The Nativity StorySource : Reuters News


November 24, 2006

Juwita sings One Golden Celebration – VMY 2007 Theme Song

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Juwita Suwito & Datuk Dr Victor Wee Wow.. i am so proud of Juwita Suwito who is the singer of the song One Golden Celebration, the theme song for Visit Malaysia Year 2007 (VMY2007).

All the way Juwita, i am sure the song will be played and many countries, as Malaysia uses the theme song to promote VMY 2007!! And i am sure it will Impact Many Lives!!

The song, One Golden Celebration, was composed by Kieran Kuek and the English lyrics by Ismail Paul Lingan is a song full of emotion. It is a fusion of contemporary and traditional sounds and musical arrangement – an apt portrayal of the beautiful sounds of Malaysia, sounds that Malaysians grew up and are familiar with, sounds that are our heritage.

The lyrics reflects the wealth of our Malaysian cultural tapestry and the Dikir Barat chorus buttresses our rich cultural heritage. The Malay and English versions of the theme song are sung by Juwita Suwito!

I am now trying to find online a copy of the song (to download) and also the lyrics of the song. So if any of u come across it … drop me a comment here. According to the Tourism Malaysia, the song is supposedly to be available for download on their website, but i can’t find it anywhere on their site – http://www.tourism.gov.my

Updated 29 Nov:

Thanks to an annonymous comment, you can now Download the song Malaysia One Golden Celebrationhttp://

– The song is in MP3 format, and is 8MB in file size.

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Should I take a Dopod 838 or Sony Dream System or Ipod & Bose Sound Dock?

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Its the best time of the year at Mandarin Oriental.

Since I’ve joined the hotel, its always amazing how the hotel rewards the department heads at the end of the year with a Year End Gift.

Its always a gadget of some kind, and this year its just the same. Previously, we never got a choice, each person just receives a present and YAY .. its always a good pressie for the year end.

But starting two years ago, the management gave an option for us to choose.

So now i am stuck in a dilemma, cos i have three fantastic gifts to choose from. HELP ME!

What do you think i should go for?

1. Dopod 838pro

2. Ipod 80Gb + Bose Sound Dock

3. Sony DVD Dream System (DAV FX900W) Home Theatre System

What do you guys think? Help give some suggestions. I was asking Maju Family – Daniel the Gadgetier, and he’s proposing No.2. Any of u have any of the above and can give some pros & cons.

1. Dopod 838 Pro

Dopod 838 Pro

2. Ipod 80GB and BOSE Sound Dock

Bose Sound Dock (Ipod)

3. Sony DVD Dream System (DAV FX900W)

Sony DVD Dream System

November 22, 2006

1st Local Chinese Film (Seed of Darkness) distributed by Columbia

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seed-of-darkness.jpgA friend of mine, Oliver Lee, helped produced and edited Seed of Darkness. (previously known as Nephesh Seed) 

Its the first ever Local Chinese Film distributed by Columbia. Intresting cast which includes Miss Malaysia-Wong Sze Zen, Alvin Wong, Amber Chia, Vick Teo and others.

Although i am not a fan of Horror Movies, but i am fan to support friends. So here’s my bit in promoting this Movie on my Blog. Check out the Trailer below.

1st Local Chinese film to be distributed by an international distributor.


Produced and Directed by Award winning film makers, Dream Image.

Lead Actress:- Wong Sze Zen (Miss Malaysia World 2003/2004), Alvin Wong (Best Actor in Malaysian Video Awards 2005, Acted in Commercials, and sitcoms like 3 girls 1 bed), Amber Chia, Vick Teo(Malaysian Idol 2003 2nd Runners Up).

Refer to www.seedofdarkness.com (updating soon) for more information.

Watch the Seed of Darkness Trailer below, or view it here 

November 15, 2006

Have u met Liam from Yahoo? – The Liam Album

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Dunno what’s wrong with me…. 😉

I am just fascinated by the Yahoo Tutorial icon called Liam. Already bloged about how much i like Yahoo MailBeta! Now just gonna add that the Liam icon is rather fascinating!

Anyway …. i just wanna say that these Yahoo animated Gifs are cool. Not sure if there are any out there who feels the same. If u know where I can get more  …. let me know! 🙂

Liam – Bouncing Ball

liam bouncing ball.gif

Liam – Breakdancing

liam breakdance 

Liam – Shadow Boxing – Dec 2006

Liam Shadow Boxing 

Liam – Fifa – Dec 2006

Liam - Fifa

Liam – Reindeer – Dec 2006

Liam - Reindeer

Liam – Sumo


Liam – Train


Liam – Electric


Liam – Snowball 


Liam – Ostrich

 Liam - Ostrich

Liam – HeartBubbles

Liam - Heart Bubbles 

Liam – Fat Belt


Liam – Hula


Liam Snorkel 

 Liam Snorkel

Liam Basketball

Liam Basketball

Liam Baby Longer

 Liam Baby Longer

Liam meets Godzilla

 Liam Meets Godzilla

Liam _Storage (Launching of new Yahoo Mail Storage)


Liam meets Godzilla – Again (Tks Fred)!

Liam meets Godzilla



Liam – DiscoDance (Tks DG)

Liam Disco Dance

Liam_loves_delephant [Tks Fred!!]

Liam Loves delephant









More on Liam

More info on YahooMail Beta

November 13, 2006

Vote for Liang in MET10 (hitz.fm)

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Liang & Juwita

[above pic of Liang & Juwita being interviewed at Live@5 in GTRS

Come and help Vote for Liang and help bring his songs UP in the MET10 (Malaysian English Top 10 ) Awards in Malaysia.

Liang’s a great singer …. a great R&B singer …. who can move to the groove and carry a fantastic tune ….. he’s also a great musician for all ocassions. Liang serves in our church Worship team, and has always been a blessing to many. He recently came out with his own album – 8oz of Soul (linking it to Nick’s site cos Oops-Asia is being updated and all the past links are gone

Each year hitz.fm organizes the MET10 Awards, and Liang has been nominated for Best Newcomer and Best Urban Artiste for 2006. Check out one of his MTV/ video below, and vote for him.

How to Vote?

– Type an SMS on your phone and send it to 32111 

  • Best Newcomer –  VOTE <space> NEW <space> 4
  • Best Urban –  VOTE <space> URBAN <space> 1

[Example, to Vote Liang as Best Newcomer, in your SMS type:” VOTE NEW 4 “and send it to 32111. U can vote as many times u want!]

Liang’s MTV on THE FEATURE (Feat James Baund)

[Pity i dont have the Video of “Show Me What You Got” which is being nominated in the Best Urban Video]


November 10, 2006

I like the Stevie Wonder Cat. Which one U Like?

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Hahaha .. This is so funny.

Tks to forwarded emails during the day, which helps remove the boredom of daily routines! These 7 animated gif cats are really funny, but i like the Stevie Wonder the most. The Techno Cat also quite funny …. Check it out below.


The House Cat


The Hip Hop Cat


The Metal Cats


The Stevie Wonder Cat


The Stoner Rock Cat


The Techno Cat


The I-Cat


Tony Roma’s in Town!! :) Super YAY!!!

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I just could not help but BLOG this when i read about it in the SUN this morning.

Tony Roma‘s opened its first Malaysian Outlet at Sunway Pyramid yesterday.

Wow!! Talk about the BEST RIBs ever. This is one frequent joint that we visit each time we are in Singapore, cos there was none in Malaysia. Its Super Yummy time!! 🙂

I love the Baby Back Ribs and the Loaded Potatoes!! U gotta go try that when u’re there!!

Well i am glad the doors are finally opened and that they are here …..  Why in Sunway Pyramid lah? Should open in 1U mah!! 🙂 Anyway ….. I guess Pyramid is still closer than Singapore! 🙂

 Outlet Name : Tony Roma’s
 Lot No. : LL1.43
 Nature of Business : MANY RESTAURANTS claim to have the best ribs in the land, but only Tony Roma’s world famous ribs continue to rack up taste awards all over the world. Great ribs put Tony Roma’s on the map, but our guests enjoy an array of flame-grilled favorites including juicy steaks, signature seafood, and tender, grilled chicken.

More info : SunwayPyramid

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