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July 24, 2007

Janice is the new TV Host of Trippin on 8TV

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This is absolutely fantastic.

Janice we normally don’t watch our local TV stations .. but becos of U, we will watch 8TV tomorrow!!

Can’t wait to see Trippin on 8TV tomorrow. So does this now make u a TV CELEB? Coool yay!!

More on Janice Yap – here

More on 8TV Trippin – here


May 15, 2007

Interludes with Liang & Juwita – Live in Singapore

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Coolness… Liang & Juwita will be down in Singapore from 18 to 20 May doing a Live Performance at Singapore’s Esplanade Outdoor Theatre.

Really glad that this opportunity has risen for them, and that they are crossing over the Johor Straits to perform for our neighbour, Singapore.

Here’s the Flyer with the details …. if you’re in Singapore this weekend, go check them out!

Interludes with Liang & Juwita - Singapore 

P/s …. And on the local front Liang’s new single “Nice Girls” is currently featured on Hitz FM’s MET10. Don’t forget to vote for Nice Girls at Hitz Fm’s website – www.hitz.fm/05/charts/mytop10

May 8, 2007

Christien New is in a New Movie – Jarum Halus

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About Me.... First of all … Christien is ON LINE! 🙂

He’s got a new blog http://christiennew.blogspot.com

 I am glad that he’s working on his new Movie – Jarum Halus

 They are still at the shooting stage, and you can keep abreast with what’s happening from reading his blog. 🙂 Pretty interesting, as there are quite a few shots taken behind the scenes.

JARUM HALUS is a movie based on the famous play “OTHELLO” but Jarum Halus is in a modern 2007 enviroment. Jarum Halus is scheduled for screens at all GSC cinema around 6 September 2007. The other cool thing is that it will also be competiting in the Cannes Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival too.

Congrats Christien .. wishing you all the best in Jarum Halus!! When you get an Award … spend me dinner!:)

March 21, 2007

Moving on from Revenue Management to a Trainer and Coach

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Jonathan Low

Jonathan Low has been a dear friend for many many years. In fact it was Jonathan who actually helped point the direction to go study Swiss Hotel Managemet at Hotel Institute Montreux, Switzerland back in 1990s.

Yeah lor he was the “senior” there, though we never got a chance to meet cos when he graduated, that was when I was sent over to Montreux.

But it was great, cos he found a church and a common friend in whom he introduced me too, so that at least there was a place of worship that i could go despite being in Switzerland. Swiss is an awesome country with rich history and with snow capped mountains all round. Montreux is a valley and during the cold periods we would get temperatures hitting 4 degres Celcius. But i digress … oh yes one more vivid point about Switzerland, those days, there was no internet, or skype or MSN … i had to go to the PPT (Post Office) and will see 5 Swiss Francs get swallowed up in mere seconds each time i gave a call home to the family! 🙂 That was Switzerland .. land flowing with rich dark (Lindt) chocolcate and cheese … and very expensive place to live!

Anyway … we met back in Malaysia when i finally got home and he was at the Hilton when I was at Shangri-La KL, then he moved on to Renaissance and finally to the ParkRoyal KL. We had regular meets (lunchies spiked with poems) with all the other Revenue Directors in KL. Those are fun times! (hmmm still waiting for the next Revenue Director to host a lunch!)

So what did you know, when I received a mail from Jon stating .. okies.. i won’t be in Park Royal anymore. 

I was like huh? Where you going? Which hotel are you moving on too?  

I am glad that Jon has chosen a path of his passion .. moving away from Revenue Managemenet to something that he loves in Training and Coaching people to be leaders of their own areas.

So if you’re looking for a good Trainer & Coach with experiences in the Hospitality Industry …  give Jonathan Low a call … for more info click on his profile (pic above).

March 15, 2007

Congratulations to Stanley & Regine for Baby Valerie Wong

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Congrats congrats to Stanley, Regine and Vanessa.

Regine gave birth to Baby Valerie on 14 March 2007.

Valerie Wong

Now Zoe Joy has a new friend to play with lor. Valerie Wong is only 15 Days younger than Zoe Joy.

Coincidently Vanessa Wong is a couple of months older than Nathanael. So basically we’ve got similiar family planning skills 🙂 Cos both our kids are born within the same year, 2004 and 2007. 🙂

 Here’s a recent photo of Vanessa and Nathanael

March 2, 2007

Junk Night featuring Janice Yap

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Janice will be performing soon again, with her own music.

Come and bring your friends and family too!!!

Check out Janice’s My Space –  http://www.myspace.com/jymys

Event:   JUNK NIGHT (organised by Junk Magazine)
Date:     7th March 2007, Wednesday
Time:     9.30pm
Venue:  The Laundry Bar (at the Curve) 

Junk Night


December 7, 2006

Juwita Suwito’s new album is out! – FOR REAL!

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Juwita Suwito’s – FOR REAL 

 Juwita Suwito - For Real

Her long awaited sophomore album, ‘Juwita Suwito – For Real’ includes songs written by Juwita, “Beautiful Lies” from the Original Soundtrack of the movie ‘Gol & Gincu’ and the classic “Desperado” made popular by The Eagles.

It also features a Malay track entitled “Teman Sejati” which she co-wrote with Habsah Hassan.

The first single, “Walk Away” is currently being released on major radio stations in Malaysia.

These songs accentuate the realities of life as viewed by a young adult in a soulful yet fresh and contemporary urban style.

The album, produced by Aubrey Suwito, Greg Henderson and Kieran Kuek, sheds new light on Juwita as a vocalist and songwriter. It is expected to bring her further into the international arena.

Check out Juwita’s website  – http://www.juwitasuwito.com/

Sample three of her songs from the CD. Click to listen.

December 6, 2006

From Engineer to Pastor

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Such an awesome night it was. A group of us were at the Graduation Ceremony for Danny Tan at the Bible College of Malaysia (aka BCM).

Danny Tan graduated with Honors in Bachelors of Theology at BCM last night. 

God is Amazing!! Danny’s life is such a great testimony. He graduated by profession as an Engineer from the US. Came back and worked in a Chemical Firm in Shah Alam, he gain favor from his superiors and was always called in on the top projects in the company.

When he was in a church camp, he recieved a calling to join the Youth Ministry at Glad Tidings PJ. Since then he made such a positive impact in the lives of the youth and especially the secondary students of GTPJ.

In 2004, Danny entered BCM and now he has completed his studies and graduated with honors too! We’re so Proud of you bro! 🙂

We pray that God will continue to increase your ministry and that His Favor and Blessings be upon you and your family! 🙂 Go Danny Go! 🙂

P H O T O     T I M E

Picture of Danny Tan (in orange shirt)

Taken from Balcony .. where we were all cheering him on!

Danny Tan

Picture taken after the Graduation Ceremony

L to R : Sunita, Ps Linda, Ps Wendy, Danny, Ps Julie, Dawn

Danny Tan

Picture Taken at GTPJ Jalan Gasing

L to R : DT, Sunita, Ps Linda, Ps Wendy, Ps Raymond & Wesley (behind Ps Wendy & Danny), Danny, Ps Julie, Dawn, Ps Gwen & Renee (behind Dawn), Karen & Sean & Caitlin

Danny Tan


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