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October 3, 2006

How do we know we are getting older?

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dareNtiffWe were having a conversation today in the car this morning.

Tiff started : How do we know we are getting older?

Me : Hmmmm …. white hair?

Tiff : How do we know we are getting older? Really wan?

Me : I dunno know (my usual answer when I don’t know which angle Tiff is coming from)

Tiff : When you go to Mc Donald’s and you realize that all the people serving you are younger than you!

Me : Huh? What u mean?

Tiff : When we were at McDs, last time everyone who serves us were older than us. Then at one stage of time, we and the servers were the same age. But now when we go to McDs … everyone there is younger than us.  That’s how you know you are getting older!

Me : Ohhhhh okies! That’s a rather interesting way of looking at how we know we are older!

Tiff continued : And if you go to the Bank, even the Bank tellers are younger than us … then you know you are getting older, lor.

Me : Guess we are getting older … passing 30s. Hmmm but i do remember in Singapore once where there was this AhMah (old lady with white greying hair) serving me at McDs. I guess Singapore McDs rocks!!! Cos then we are all younger than them!

Tiff : I wonder what the rest of the people think?

Me : Okies.. i will put this conversation on the Blog!

-> So what do you think? How do you know you are getting older?


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