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April 6, 2007

You’ve used YouTube… Now have you heard of GODTube?

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You’ve used YouTube and i am sure you’ve uploaded or linked YouTube videos to your Blog.

Today, Rachel pm me and asked me to check out GOD Tube.

errr.. i was like … what’s that.

And with a Click on the mouse …. …. “cheng” “cheng” “cheng” … GOD TUBE


Hehe … its a “godly” … err Christian platform to host “godly” or “christian” videos. Or at least that’s what i figured when i visited the site.

I really love the Slogan though … GOD Tube .. BROADCAST HIM! That’s really cool!

Anyway .. i’ve signed up already (free of course) … waiting to upload my first Christian Video on God Tube! 🙂

Go and visit www.GODTUBE.com now 🙂


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