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October 6, 2007

End of this Blog …. Moved to these NEW Blogs …

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After experimenting with “blogging” and attempting to blog for one and half years … we have decided to end this BLOG. Although the wordpress “engine” is much better than the other free blogs out there, hmm … wordpress doesn’t allow ads on it! So why waste all our efforts blogging on this ya! 🙂

We have moved all our Blogs to BLOGGER, and have further segmented it so that if you are searching for anything in specific, you will know where to look for it!! 🙂

FAMILY Blog : http://darentiff.blogspot.com


WORSHIP Blog : http://sembah.blogspot.com


ANYTHING ELSE Blog : http://delephant.blogspot.com

(yups delephant blog will contain what’s not related to the family or worship.. .. … 🙂

See ya at our new Blogs

DT signing off!


April 21, 2007

We wanna sell our Condo

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Dear frens

If you know of any family or friends who is looking for a Condo in Petaling Jaya  … do let us know. 🙂

Our first home. We’ve been owners and residents of the Sunway Sutera Condo since moving in April 2002. We would now like to sell our lovely Condo to anyone wishing to set up residence in the Sunway Damansara, Petaling Jaya neighbourhood.

Selling Sunway Sutera Condo




Click here for more info of our Condo



March 29, 2007

Revenue Management Resources

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We had a great Revenue Management Conference in Bangkok recently. And promised to us were all the Slides Presentation of all that we experienced from the great “Revenue Management Experts” of both the Airline and Hotel industries.

It was a Two Day event organized by Eye For Travel  and we had great speakers like Stephan Wolf from the Shangri-La, Norma Tomkinson from Marriott International, Lisa Donald from Cairnhil Group, Adrian Tan from HPL Hotels and Resorts, Graham Tate from Ideas Revenue Management Systems, Cameron Jones from Expedia and more. (as u can see I’m more skewed towards Revenue Management for the Hospitality Industry!!!)

We covered topics like Pricing: Strategies, Restrictions and Elasticity, Dynamic Packaging: A Revenue Management perspective , Integrating Revenue Management into your sales, marketing & CRM processes, Accurate forecasting to Successful Revenue Management  and also Demand Forecasting – the What, How and Why!!

It was a good, short and sweet two Day sessions. Came back with some new ideas to implement for the hotel.

Here are some quick download resources of the Slide Presentations by our great Conference Speakers and Revenue Managment Specialists. [They are all PDF files, so I would recommend that you Right Mouse Click and SAVE AS!]

Revenue Management Presentation Downloads

Paul Rose, Managing Director, Paul Rose Revenue Management Limited 

Christophe Tayon, Founder, Competitive Studies

Graham Tate, Managing Director Asia Pacific, IDeaS Distributor Asia

Bob Garner, Business Development Director, Revenue Management and Price Optimization, APAC JDA Software Group, Inc.

Norma Tomkinson, Regional Vice President, Revenue Strategy, Asia Pacific, Marriott International, Inc

Adrian Tan, Revenue Manager Director, HPL Hotels & Resorts

Andrew Pascoe, Director, PriceTech Ltd.

Jason Pereira, Associate, Globalysis Ltd.

Stefan Wolf, Director of Revenue Management, Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts

Cameron Jones, Regional Director, Partner Services Group – Asia Pacific, Expedia Inc.

Oliver Winzer, Group Manager Director Asia Pacific, Amadeus Hospitality

Udom Tantiprasongchai, Chairman, One Two Go Airlines Co Ltd. 

Aubrey Swift, GM Revenue Management, Virgin Blue

Noel R. Merainer Regional Director of Revenue Management – North America, Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts

Lisa Donald, VP Revenue Management Services, Cairnhill Group will be conducting the workshop

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March 21, 2007

Moving on from Revenue Management to a Trainer and Coach

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Jonathan Low

Jonathan Low has been a dear friend for many many years. In fact it was Jonathan who actually helped point the direction to go study Swiss Hotel Managemet at Hotel Institute Montreux, Switzerland back in 1990s.

Yeah lor he was the “senior” there, though we never got a chance to meet cos when he graduated, that was when I was sent over to Montreux.

But it was great, cos he found a church and a common friend in whom he introduced me too, so that at least there was a place of worship that i could go despite being in Switzerland. Swiss is an awesome country with rich history and with snow capped mountains all round. Montreux is a valley and during the cold periods we would get temperatures hitting 4 degres Celcius. But i digress … oh yes one more vivid point about Switzerland, those days, there was no internet, or skype or MSN … i had to go to the PPT (Post Office) and will see 5 Swiss Francs get swallowed up in mere seconds each time i gave a call home to the family! 🙂 That was Switzerland .. land flowing with rich dark (Lindt) chocolcate and cheese … and very expensive place to live!

Anyway … we met back in Malaysia when i finally got home and he was at the Hilton when I was at Shangri-La KL, then he moved on to Renaissance and finally to the ParkRoyal KL. We had regular meets (lunchies spiked with poems) with all the other Revenue Directors in KL. Those are fun times! (hmmm still waiting for the next Revenue Director to host a lunch!)

So what did you know, when I received a mail from Jon stating .. okies.. i won’t be in Park Royal anymore. 

I was like huh? Where you going? Which hotel are you moving on too?  

I am glad that Jon has chosen a path of his passion .. moving away from Revenue Managemenet to something that he loves in Training and Coaching people to be leaders of their own areas.

So if you’re looking for a good Trainer & Coach with experiences in the Hospitality Industry …  give Jonathan Low a call … for more info click on his profile (pic above).

March 20, 2007

Poem : ‘The Gathering’

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We’ve got an awesome poet in the Revenue Gang … its none other than Cheah from Shang! 🙂

Each time prior the Revenue Gathering … he would come up with a superb poem! Its so good that i am gonna start archiving it on this blog (will have to search my deleted files for his older poems)

This poem … we’re figuiring out where we’re gonna have our next lunchies? say our goodbye to Jonathan Low, and the upcoming F1 season.

Read on ….  

The Gathering 

The time has come,
Known as ‘The Gathering’ to some,
To others, it may be bothersome,
To us, it’s usually Lunch F1.

Speaking of which,
I’m opening this sales pitch,
On the next destination hitch,
As Jonathan has left us in the ditch.

It’s suppose to be ParkRoyal Hotel,
And it’s easy to tell,
It’s alphabetical,
However, he’s now set sail.

So, we propose a new destination,
Perhaps a place of fascination,
With sounds like detonation,
An event that wakes up the Nation.

Yan said Picnic at the circuit,
Will be of much benefit,
It won’t be a tight fit,
The only problem will be the ticket.

Do they give away tickets for free?
Can someone check and see?
Or perhaps there is a group fee,
then organising it will be easy.

I can bring cheese that shine,
Yan will bring 3 bottles of wine,
Together we will all dine,
F1 Saturday, weather should be fine.

For we always do the same,
GOD says this is not the game,
Don’t let the self get blame,
Let’s change and ignite the flame.

So, what say you my friend?
Should we follow the normal trend?
And gather at hotels again?
For a ‘quickie’ bite as planned?
Or for once, ‘kick the sand’,
And shout “Let’s go to the F1, man !!”
Dude, this goes hand in hand,
When someone asked you again,
At the hotel, you plan and you plan
But didn’t see you at the F1 stand
Let’s go while we can
And listen to the F1 band !!

By Cheah

March 2, 2007

Junk Night featuring Janice Yap

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Janice will be performing soon again, with her own music.

Come and bring your friends and family too!!!

Check out Janice’s My Space –  http://www.myspace.com/jymys

Event:   JUNK NIGHT (organised by Junk Magazine)
Date:     7th March 2007, Wednesday
Time:     9.30pm
Venue:  The Laundry Bar (at the Curve) 

Junk Night


February 27, 2007

And Baby Zoe Joy entered Planet Earth Today

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Watch our Blog : http://darentiff.blogspot.com for updates


Zoe Joy Lee


We are so happy to announce the birth our second child, Zoe Joy Lee.

Tiff went into labor today at 9.55am and at 1.46pm, baby Zoe Joy popped out! 🙂

Here are two cute pictures of her ..


Zoe Joy snugly wrapped up in a towel.

This was right after the delivery.


Here’s another picture of Zoe Joy lying in the crib.

Zoe Joy Details

Zoe Joy Lee

Born : 27 February 2007

Time : 1.46pm

Weight : 3.24kg / 7.1 lbs

Height : 49.5cm

** So … baby Zoe Joy is borned within the Chinese New Year
… so dear wonderful parents …
you know what to do lah 🙂 hahahaha

We are really blessed with Zoe Joy more details on the delivery and baby soon.

Mommie Tiff is resting now.
Baby Zoe Joy is in the nursery bathed and immunized.

More news later!

Watch our Family Blog : http://darentiff.blogspot.com for updates

p/s Now this is what i call a good hospital. SJMC has WIFI !! 🙂

February 26, 2007

StrongeR ConcerT – – 9 March 2007

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 Stronger Concert

You gotta be ready for THIS!!!

Glad Tidings Youth Church will be having their Youth Concert on 9 March 2007!


The theme and thrust of the Concert is STRONGER!!

They have created a BLOG to keep you updated on what’s happening … as the dates lead up to the CONCERT.

So make sure you keep watching the Blog – http://strongerconcert.gtyac.com/ and see you there at the CONCERT!!


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