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December 4, 2006

Great time Shopping at PC Fair yesterday

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We had a swell time checking out stuff at PC Fair yesterday.

Crowd was not as jam packed as a year ago (Where the sea of crowd did not move). This time we could walk around leisurely and still feel the air cond. … which is a big blessing compared to PWTC.

Tiff and I went hunting for a Scanner, a Laser Mouse & a Notebook.

Canon had a huge booth at the Grand Ballroom (Level 3 of KLCC), and we the Canon Scanner they featured was the Cano Scan 3000 ex. They were offering it on the Flyer at RM336, and they were willing to drop it to RM299.

After walking around a lot, we found a retailer downstairs (Ground Level) who was offering the same Cano Scan 3000 ex for only RM210!! BOUGHT IT!! 🙂

Canon Cano Scan 3000ex


High optical resolution of 1200 X 2400 dpi scans photos and documents with superb clarity and details.

We felt it was a good buy as it was a hundred off the publish price. 🙂

The other good thing that we encountered was that we managed to trade in our very old Palms at PC Fair. We traded in our Palm Tungsten T and Palm M515 for a total of RM150! (Mind u they only paid RM30 for the M515).

So with the additional surplus of cash, we bought a new mouse for our home PC. We thot we would try the new Laser Mouse (which they claim was better than the Optical Mouse). Still unpacked, so left to be seen. We didnt wanna go for the high range ones (Logitech was selling one at RM75, we took a no-brand laser mouse at RM36).

Finally, the final hunt took us the longest. We visited Toshiba, Dell and FTEC. We decided to give the rest a go, cos we had a limited budget and wanted to get a decent notebook within the RM2000 range!

We finally ended up (after long long discussions with different sales people at different booths) with a Toshiba Satellite M100 – 1011E notebook. Its a pretty decent notebook with pretty up to date specs, not the best in the world (considering our 2K budget), but i guess decent enuf for mobility and for Tiff’s ministry and research.

Check out the Specs (The 2 Years warranty was a Plus!)

Toshiba Satellite M100 - 1011E– Intel Centrino Duo Mobile
– Intel Core Dup Processor T2050 (1.66GHz, 2MB L2 Cache, 533 MHz FSB)
– Intel Pro / Wireless 3945ABG
– Intel 945GM Express Chipset
– DVD Super Multi Double Layer Drive
– 14.0″ WXGA 200NIT Clear SuperView TFT Display
– Intel Graphics MEdia Accelerator 950
– Harman Kardon Speakers
– 5 in 1 Card Reader IEEE1394

– Genuine Windows XP Home Edition
2.26 KG
– 2 Years International Warranty

So all in all. Thank you PIKOM for organizing PC Fair, we managed to get some pretty good deals from the Fair! 🙂


October 31, 2006

Kena cheated – they copied my info into lelong!

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Hmmmmph! This is too much!

Lelong.com is offering RM10 lelong points if you are the first person to post up a Warehouse Sale event on their website.

So i was browsing their Warehouse Sales category that was featured on their website.

AND guess what i found?

Some cheaters took some warehouse sale events from our shoppingNsales website and posted it on lelong.com, thus earning their RM10 lelong points! Too much!

Check out this Versace Sale below: [Click on the picture to view it bigger]

 Versace Clearance Sale

Terrible huh? People nowadays just too much! At least if copy, copy selectively lah and not all the text. It was the [bracket] Text and the Versace Logo on top that gave it away!! And it was not just the Versace Sale, it was a few more too!

Anyway … for those of u who have not visited shoppingNsales yet.. go lah. Its pretty up to date with stuff that u may find that u like!

Some features for what’s available in shoppingNsales this week are:

October 7, 2006

How do I get it listed on Google Search Results?

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I’ve been trying to figure this out for the past week, how do i get shoppingnsales into Google’s list? How ler? Experts out there … who can give some tips? …. please tolong!!

The hobby of collecting sales info and warehouse sales info has been fun. Also Big Thank Yous to many of you [u know who u are] who have been emailing me stuff. Appreciate it all, and everything that u have given including the Free Hair Wash, I’ve put it up on shoppingNsales. 🙂 hehe

Its also good to see that there are quite a lot of traffic coming to shoppingNsales. So at least this hobby of providing info is appreciated by folks around PJ & KL. 🙂 🙂 But apart from it growing by word of mouth … i am wondering how do i ensure that people find it, when people search/google for it?

I mean looking at the Site Meter, i see that most people normally searches for “Malaysia Warehouse Sales” …. but shoppingNsales ain’t listed in that search result.

Here’s what i mean …

Now if u google Malaysia Warehouse Sales [click] – u cannot find shoppingNsales

But if u google Malaysia Warehouse Sales 2006 [click] – shoppingNsales is listed as no.6. Why does that “2006” makes such a difference?

And if u google Klang Valley Warehouse Sales [click] – shoppingNsales is listed as no.1 🙂

Sooooooooo .. the question goes, How do i get shoppingNsales into the google search results for “Malaysia Warehouse Sales“? Hmmmmm…… i have no ideas at all. Any suggestions will really help. 🙂  

Meanwhile for those of you who are searching for really good bargains .. here’s a couple of good sales to highlight to you. My fav is the Swatch Sale next Fri!!

 For the rest of the sales .. u go check it out at http://shoppingnsales.blogspot.com

Related Article : https://deetee.wordpress.com/2006/09/08/shopping-n-sales-see-what-i-did/

September 8, 2006

shopping N sales – see what i did !!! :)

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Guess what i did?  Finally did something that i was thinking about for a pretty long time.

Really thanks to many of you who emailed me stuff, and help me get info on Sales, Promotions and Warehouse Sales information.

I’ve always wanted to put all these Sales, Warehouse Sales together in one place, so that it will be easier to see and have a one stop place to view what’s available for that period.

The irritating fact is that most of the great warehouse sales or clearance sales are not always in the newspaper, so its mostly depended on word of mouth advert or via emails forwarded from one person to another.

And also ….. cos so many times we always hear from friends on great bargains – like the recent Diethlem Sale and by the time we go and visit it, all the products habis! so so so sad. Why? becos the info was not circulated earlier. Sigh!

Still appreciate if you guys keep the information coming in. Email me, or click on the top right button on the shoppingNsales website to update me with more sales info!!

And I will update them at http://shoppingnsales.blogspot.com/.

Hope all this collection of information also helps you too …..  

shoppingNsales : http://shoppingnsales.blogspot.com/

:: dedicated to find out the best deals, greatest bargains and warehouse sales in Klang Valley, Malaysia.

This week not bad .. quite a lot of Sales / Warehouse Sales around PJ/KL

shopping N sales


Use this to Submit Sales Info or Warehouse Sales Info to ShoppingNSales : https://deetee.files.wordpress.com/2006/10/snssubmitform.doc

June 17, 2006

MV Doulos in Port Klang, Malaysia [6-31 July 2006]

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MV DOULOS is back in Port Klang, Malaysia! Visit DOULOS at Star Cruises Terminal, West Port from 6 – 31 July 2006 Come onboard the world-famous book fair, and make friends with the international crew!


Book Fair Opening Hours:

6 July (Thu) 2pm – 10pm

7 July ~ 31 July 2006, Tue – Sat: 10am – 10pm

Sun & Mon: 2pm – 10pm 

Doulos is at: Star Cruises Terminal, West Port Port Facility

Charge: RM1 per vehicle per entrance Children 12 and below must be accompanied by an adult.


Built in 1914, DOULOS is 2 years younger than the Titanic!

DOULOS is also the World’s Largest Floating Book Fair, carrying 6000 titles of quality literature across the oceans to reach different parts of the globe. Staffed by an all-volunteer crew of 320 Christian young people and families from 45 countries, DOULOS seeks to bring knowledge, help and hope to the nations. Since 1977, DOULOS has visited more than 100 countries, welcoming more than 18 million people onboard! DOULOS’ previous visit to Port Klang was in 2002. Since then, the ship has sailed to Europe, Africa, the French islands, the Gulf, and Asia.  MV Doulos

Info-line : 017 205 1506 2 more Info-lines will be activated on 6 July – 012 976 6435; 012 976 6240

Email: doulos.portklang@gbaships.org

Outrage over abduction, rape

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Well i hope everyone would be angry about what is happening in our neighbourhood and really take the initiative and preventive measures esp at the shopping malls to help curb this.

Perhaps instead of just putting CCTV at all exit points, but to also have active Security patrolling single ladies out to their cars. This may give more sense of security to their shoppers and hence give the malls a better reputation of safe & soundness.


June 16, 2006

Robber rapes victim for not giving enough cash

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Yet another case of robbery and rape within a week of the previous case. Location also in PJ, Damansara. Sigh its making the malls not really safe with cases like these happening. 


June 14, 2006

Not many helpful people

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Tiff was at 1U today with Nathanael.

When she stopped at bench to pick Nathanael up (from his stroller) to change, the stroller fell on the floor (due to weight of Nathanael’s bag hanging at the handles).

All the contents from Nathanael’s bag spilled all over the floor.

So there was Tiff holding Nathanael, and the stroller up turned, and all of Nathanael’s stuff on the floor.

Can you believe it?

No one stopped to help or to offer to assist. Everyone just stood around and watched the scene and like “too bad for u!”.

Sigh.. i guess there’s not that may helpful people around ya. Mebbe everyone just toooooo busy with their own lives.

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