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April 21, 2007

We wanna sell our Condo

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Dear frens

If you know of any family or friends who is looking for a Condo in Petaling Jaya  … do let us know. 🙂

Our first home. We’ve been owners and residents of the Sunway Sutera Condo since moving in April 2002. We would now like to sell our lovely Condo to anyone wishing to set up residence in the Sunway Damansara, Petaling Jaya neighbourhood.

Selling Sunway Sutera Condo




Click here for more info of our Condo




April 12, 2007

Photos from Shadows of the Cross

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Glad Tidings Petaling Jaya’s “Shadows of the Cross” was a superb Easter Production where Ps Vincent together with the Drama, Choir and Worship team formed a wonderful Illustrated Sermond depicting the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ thru the eyes of Two Roman Soldiers; Maximus and Spartacus.

The Drama was moving, with scenes which evoked Truth, provoked many to think about the actual representations of the people backed in Jerusalem 2000 year ago; it also displayed how cover ups were suggested by the Pharisees on the miraculous ressurection of Jesus and it presented a Hope to many.

Here are some Random Thumbnails not arranged in any order or sequence, Click on them for a Bigger Picture. Alternatively visit Daniel’s Site for the Full Coverage of the Shadows of The Cross Photos


THE CAST & ALL INVOVLED for the Shadows of the Cross

DSC02113 DSC01993   DSC02707  DSC02004 DSC02128 DSC02122   DSC02580

DSC02540 DSC01943 DSC02533 DSC02529 DSC02519   DSC02131 DSC02087 DSC01985 DSC02016 DSC02038

April 6, 2007

You’ve used YouTube… Now have you heard of GODTube?

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You’ve used YouTube and i am sure you’ve uploaded or linked YouTube videos to your Blog.

Today, Rachel pm me and asked me to check out GOD Tube.

errr.. i was like … what’s that.

And with a Click on the mouse …. …. “cheng” “cheng” “cheng” … GOD TUBE


Hehe … its a “godly” … err Christian platform to host “godly” or “christian” videos. Or at least that’s what i figured when i visited the site.

I really love the Slogan though … GOD Tube .. BROADCAST HIM! That’s really cool!

Anyway .. i’ve signed up already (free of course) … waiting to upload my first Christian Video on God Tube! 🙂

Go and visit www.GODTUBE.com now 🙂

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