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November 3, 2006

Aiyoh.. Sick news again … Robbing & Stripping a lady in Subang Jaya

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Oh no … its happening again.

Its really Bad and Horrible news on how some thieves stole from a lady in Subang Jaya in the evening (Only 7.45 pm!) and then got her to strip and then took photos of her with her camera phone!  I mean.. yikes what is happening to our world? What’s happening to our Safe country? Nice country?

Totally disgusted with it. Why lah? Wonder what can we do as the public to stand up against all these nonsense. Wouldn’t u love it if Malaysia is known for its safety, caring  & loving society. Sigh …

Robbers strip, humiliate executive

SUBANG JAYA: An executive was forced to undress and was photographed nude by two men who also robbed her here on Monday night. 

The robbers also drew heart-shaped signs all over the 28-year-old woman’s body in the 7.45pm incident. 

Subang Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Muhammad Fuad Talib said the woman was walking towards her car in SS15 here when the men pushed her into her vehicle. 

They then took her to a bank nearby and withdrew RM200 from the ATM before stripping her in the car. 

“The men then took the victim back to SS15 before using her cellular phone to take pictures of her in the nude in the car,” he said. 

ACP Muhammad Fuad said the men tried to rape the victim but she begged to be released. The men then used a pen to draw heart shapes all over her body before running away.  

News Source : Star


October 28, 2006

Where is Superman when we need him?

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SupermanWhere lah?… Where is Superman when you need him?

Thankfully no one was hurt in the accident when our Light Rail Transit (or aka LRT) with its six coaches overshot its station and crashed into the buffer stop and was left precariously dangling 25 metres from the ground. The train, belonging to the Ampang Line (formerly known as Star-LRT) was empty save for the driver when the incident occurred at 7.11am yesterday.

DANGLING DANGER: A coach of the Rapid KL Ampang LRT line dangling 25m above the ground after the train overshot the end of the track at the Sentul Timur station in Kuala Lumpur on Friday morning. There was only a driver on board when the accident occurred at 7.11am. The station was closed for 20 minutes but train services were not affected. — STARpic by ABDUL RAHMAN SENIN

Thankfully the LRT Train was empty, with the exception of the driver. He just dropped off all the passengers at the last station. But i guess we could have used Superman to prevent it from further crashing into the buffer. 

A further report said that – A TNB worker close to the scene said it was fortunate that the train did not fall off completely because there was an electricity substation underneath the stabling area.  “If it had struck the substation, it would probably have exploded,” he said. 

So … where is Superman when we need him?  

Read more from : STAR

October 23, 2006

Michael Tang featured in THE STAR

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So coolness!!!  Tiff’s dad was featured in the STAR newspaper recently, with his involvement with Spencer Azizul Advertising firm and how they build up the business despite losing the Tourism Malaysia account a couple of years ago. 

Check out the Article below . . .

Spencer Azizul soldiers on

Ad agency shows its mettle amid tough times.  

LIFE has not been a beach for Spencer Azizul Advertising since losing its biggest account – Tourism Malaysia’s domestic business – at the end of 2004. But the agency, which has proven to be a long-term survivor among local agencies, is set to bounce back. 

Executive director Michael Tang says it has already secured new clients to mitigate the loss of Cuti-Cuti Malaysia account, which the agency had handled for seven years. 

“We’re starting to grow again,” he tells BizWeek in Kuala Lumpur. 

Malaysian Debt Ventures ad created by Spencer Azizul

It added three sizeable new accounts this year – IT financier Malaysian Debt Ventures (MDV), car navigational system provider Navi & Map, and Ministry of Health (Healthy lifestyle campaign) – to its client roster that already included Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB), Petronas (Mesra card and the convenience store) and Lam Soon. 

There is still some way to go, though. The Cuti-Cuti Malaysia account was worth more than RM15mil, which means this year Spencer Azizul will not be back to the record 2004 billings level of RM39mil. 

However, despite the current tough market conditions, Spencer Azizul is in a sustainable mode and is forecast to hit RM30mil in billings, Tang says. 

The agency has also recruited an experienced marketer, Muhammad Zain Ibrahim, into its management team in April. This is expected to provide the impetus to grow further in non-advertising disciplines and to secure more consumer-oriented accounts. 

Formerly L’Oreal (M) Sdn Bhd external affairs and marketing services manager, Zain is Spencer Azizul’s first general manager.  

“It’s part and parcel of a succession plan that we’re working towards,” explains Tang. “It makes business sense to think about who’s going to eventually run the company. 

“It’s not that we (Tang and Spencer Azizul founders Azizul Kallahan and Spencer Wing) are thinking about retirement but it makes sense to have someone to support you.” 

Zain, 39, graduated with a degree in economics and a minor in business from the University of Iowa in 1990, and has since worked in marketing in multinational companies such as Nestle Malaysia and Colgate-Palmolive. He was at Ogilvy & Mather for one year as associate account director, but apart from that stint, he was always on the client side. 

Tang, himself a former Ogilvy & Mather man, says: “We think Zain has the right background because, firstly, he has worked many years in marketing.  

 Michael Tang

Tang (left) and Z

ain plan to make the agency into a total marketing solutions provider

“Secondly, he has worked in mass consumer goods business. That kind of experience is very important in the ad industry, because at the day, advertising deals with consumers. If you were a fast-moving consumer goods marketer, you would have a basic tendency to align your thoughts to what the consumers think and want. 

“The third factor is he has worked on strong international brands, including L’Oreal.” 

Zain was also involved in the launch of Everyday Filled Milk and Fab Lemon, and he helped turn Maybelline into one of the country’s strongest cosmetic brands. 

With Zain’s knowledge and experience in consumer product marketing, Spencer Azizul is well equipped to pursue more potential clients in the consumer goods sector. 

According to Tang, Spencer Azizul’s business has been slanted “unfortunately far too much” in corporate advertising. “We have to start opening ourselves more in the area of consumer goods,” he says. 

Zain says given his experience, he will also build Spencer Azizul to become a total marketing solutions provider – that is, going beyond just advertising. 

He has been involved in events and promotions such as the KL Fashion Week, which has been organised by The Star and presented by L’Oreal for four years (this year there are additional organisers and sponsors).  

Zain also says the agency would like to do more market research. “Basic market intelligence and research is available everywhere, such as in publications and on the Web. It’s a matter of how you tap on that,” he adds. 

On becoming a total communication solutions provider, Tang says Spencer Azizul has already set up a public relations (PR) division in July last year. 

“PR is a very important component of the total communication strategy, and we found that oftentimes, if we had to work with an external party, those involved tended to have different goals and objectives. 

“But by having a PR unit under Spencer Azizul, we have better synergy. We have a better understanding of what the client needs are and are able to work jointly together to meet these needs,” he says. 

The PR division, which is self-sustaining now, currently have a staff of six and the agency hopes to grow it further. 

“The division also does event management such as product launches, but we try to focus on profiling clients. We also conduct media training for clients and intend to move into crisis management,” Tang says. 

The agency is currently discussing with an international Australian crisis management and business continuity consultant for a strategic partnership. “We hope to seal the agreement by the end of the year,” he says. 

Spencer Azizul, founded in 1985, has survived through the recessions when many other local agencies folded. And one can well expect the agency, with its solid strategies, to not only weather the current tough times but to expand further. 

Source : Star

October 13, 2006

We should get 10% of the RM300 Saman of Traffic Offenders from JPJ

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OvertakingPolice & JPJ wants us to help them take pictures of traffic offenders. I think that’s not a problem. But how about getting a commission of 10% of the RM300 saman/fine that’s given to the traffic offenders?

If JPJ comes up with such a program, that will ensure that the public will be on a full out Alert to help catch Traffic Offenders at all times! 🙂

Guess I am sounding a wee bit greedy … but then again .. for a program to be effective … Incentives are always great … dont u think so too?

Take photos of traffic offenders, send them to JPJ

MALACCA: Be a traffic warden this festive season. If you see motorists breaking road regulations, take a photograph or video of them and send it to the Road Transport Department (JPJ). 

JPJ director-general Datuk Emran Kadir wants the public to help his officers ensure the roads are safe during the Deepavali and Hari Raya periods, when the number of vehicles is expected to triple. 

Take a photo with your camera phone or digital camera and e-mail the image to kpjpj@jpj.gov.my, he said, but make sure that it’s done by the passenger and not the driver, otherwise he too would be violating traffic rules. 

Reports on errant motorists could also be made via the JPJ website (www.jpj.gov.my) or at any JPJ office, he added. 

Emran said offences to watch out for include driving on the emergency lane, queue cutting, overtaking on double lines, jumping the red light, etc. 

He said the JPJ could haul up offenders under the Road Transport Act. 

“I hope that those who send in the pictures will be prepared to act as witness if the driver decides to challenge the photo,” he said. 

Last year, when travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Alor Gajah here during the festive season, Emran managed to capture a total of 171 traffic offences. 

“I took all the photographs. When my handphone couldn’t capture anymore pictures, I used my children’s handphone,” he told newsmen yesterday after handing out 500 jackets with reflectors to motorcyclists at Bandaraya Mall in Ayer Keroh. 

For this coming festive season, leave for 1,200 JPJ enforcement officers and 4,000 policemen would be frozen, said Emran. 

“They are the ones who sacrifice their holidays so that the public will have a smooth balik kampung.” 

During Deepavali and Hari Raya last year, 223 people were killed on the roads, and of this number, 141 were on motorcycles. 

Emran urged motorcyclists to wear reflective jackets as an added safety feature, apart from wearing helmets and driving carefully,  

He also said that there would be no discount on fines for traffic offences such as speeding, driving on emergency lanes, overtaking on double lines and beating traffic lights committed between Oct 17 and 31. 

They will get the maximum fine of RM300,” he warned.  

STAR Excerpt

I didn’t know MR T was a Christian, and he’s now back on TV

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 MR T ….. or BA Baracus as we know him in the good ol’ days of A TEAM! 🙂 hehe

Just found out that he’s a Christian who loves God and is now using his efforts to bless the poor and destitude and those who need help.

His new Realitity TV will be a different from the past. No more bashing people. But more of giving counsel, guidance and help to those who have lost it all.  ……. READ  ON ………

Mr. T is seen in an undated publicity photo. After disappearing from public view about a decade ago, the mohawked, tough guy who calls himself Mr. T is back — and looking for trouble. Mr. T, who is known for his roles in television’s “The A-Team” and a boxer in the movie “Rocky III,” is the star of a new reality TV show starting this week called “I Pity the Fool” on the TV Land cable network. In the show he storms into struggling businesses and families to give guidance on everything from business to love.


By Belinda Goldsmith

NEW YORK, Oct 12 (Reuters Life!) – After disappearing from public view about a decade ago, the mohawked, tough guy who calls himself Mr. T is back — and looking for trouble.

But he has made a major change in his life — he’s given up wearing the gold chains that helped make a male fashion statement.

Mr. T, who is known for his roles in television’s “The A-Team” and a boxer in the movie “Rocky III,” is the star of a new reality TV show starting this week called “I Pity the Fool” on the TV Land cable network

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In the show he storms into struggling businesses and families to give guidance on everything from business to love.

“It is my job to motivate them,” Mr. T told Reuters in an interview. It is all about doing positive things.”

It was the chance to do good that lured Mr. T, a devout Christian, into the show and back into the public spotlight.

The former wrestler and actor, who changed his name to Mr. T from Laurence Tureaud, dropped off the public radar in 1995 when he discovered he had cancer – T-cell lymphoma.

As his illness became known, the calls offering him work stopped which Mr. T put down to the stigma surrounding cancer.

But with the disease now in remission after chemotherapy and radiation, Mr. T says he is back — and has a mental list of the people and companies who shunned him.

“People have started to call again now that I am back but I remember who they are and tell them to forget getting a call back as I won’t do business with them. You don’t disrespect anyone like that,” he said.

Now aged 54, Mr. T is a bit slimmer than during his days playing Sergeant Bosco “BA” Baracus on “The A-Team” in the 1980s and Clubber Lang in the 1982 movie “Rocky III.” He weighs in at about 230 pounds versus 250 pounds.

He has also stopped wearing his gold chains.

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Mr. T said he took off his jewelry after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast and New Orleans as it felt wrong to be covered in wealth when others had lost everything.

Other than that, he says he’s just older and wiser — and ready to give guidance based on his experience of being raised by a single mother with 11 siblings in a rough area of Chicago, working with sick children, and surviving cancer.

“I an a tough guy. All I ever wanted out of my life was to buy my mother a house. By 1995 I have achieved all I wanted materially in life,” he said.

“Before this show I was offered some other reality TV shows but I won’t do anything with nudity, obscenities, eating worms or things like that. This gives me the chance to go to different cities and help people. I like that and people look up to me as I am a righteous guy who has never quit.”

Reuters Excerpt

October 12, 2006

God healed Phua Chu Kang’s mom of cancer

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This is a cool and wonderful testimony of Gurmit Singh or better known as Phua Chu Kang, on his belief in God and how thru prayers….. God touched and healed his mom.

Read on . . . 

Keeping his faith

HE arrived quietly at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport last Wednesday afternoon, and checked into the hotel at Berjaya Times Square.  

The organisers of The Star Christian Fellowship Fourth Thanksgiving Dinner took him to The Eastin in Petaling Jaya for a quick check of the venue and to test out the sound system. He patiently worked with the technicians and rehearsed a few numbers before dashing back to his hotel to get ready for the dinner. 

Gurmit Singh: ‘I heard that little voice, just calling out to me … I knelt down, prayed and surrendered my life to God.’

The real Gurmit Singh is an unusually quiet person, according to a staff member at his church on Tanglin Road in Singapore. 

“But apart from his smiles, he hardly stands out as the Phua Chu Kang that he is on TV whenever he worships at church on Sundays,” she said. “He and his family are like other families. They are ordinary people.” 

Among those who attended the dinner, few knew that he could mesmerise an audience of professionals and journalists with songs.  

“I never knew that he could sing,” said Belinda Kiew of Cheras. “But he sang so well. And in real person, he is so handsome.” 

In between belting out several popular songs, including Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight and Desperado by the Eagles, Gurmit had his audience in stitches as he punched his one-liners. 

Occasionally, he stuck out his tongue for the camera, and caused roaring laughter from the floor. 

“He is really funny. He brings out the comedy in real-life situations,” said Arnold Okello Agina, a 26-year-old Business Information Systems student from Nairobi, Kenya.  

Arnold, who was at the dinner, has been following the Phua Chu Kang series on TV3 since 2004. He added: “At first, I thought the jokes were more local or Singaporean, but after a while, I think his sense of humour is universal.” 

On TV, Phua Chu Kang spots a prominent mole, but in real life Gurmit cuts a dashing figure. His good looks can perhaps be attributed to his mixed parentage – his father is Punjabi while his mother is Chinese-Japanese.  

Gurmit regards his mother as his mentor. “I always thought she was a super-mother. She was the strongest woman in the world, who could work 24 hours a day without feeling tired,” he said. “Therefore, when the specialist told us that Mother had cancer and that it was already very advanced (Stage Four), I was devastated. 

“Mother had only six months to live, according to the specialist. Her health was deteriorating fast. It was obvious that we were going to lose her.” That was back in 1984, when Gurmit was only 19. 

“My parents loved children. I wanted my mother to live long enough to see her grandchildren, hold them and play with them. I prayed for a girlfriend and, before long God found me a girlfriend, who later became my wife,” said Gurmit, referring to his Chinese wife, Melissa. “We have two lovely children, Gabrielle and Elliot.” 

Gurmit’s mother lived for another 16 years, and Gurmit was quick to attribute the miracle of his mother’s healing to God’s answer to his simple prayer. 

“Even the doctor was surprised when he carried out another test on my mother. I remember his face when he told us, ‘Gurmit, whatever you are doing outside of this hospital, please continue. We have checked for the spread of her cancer cells, and they are totally gone!’  

“In 2000, when mother had a relapse, initially I was angry with God until I heard a still, small voice saying: ‘Gurmit, remember that prayer of yours 16 years ago? I have kept her all this while so that she could enjoy her grandchildren.’ ’’ 

He traces his faith in God to a healing rally in Singapore by renowned evangelist Reinhard Bonke. “Before this, I used to be a brother who slapped his sisters. When they claimed that they had become born-again Christians, I used to persecute them,” he said. 

“But that evening on Nov 13, 1985, at the stadium, with 60,000 people around me, I felt like I was alone, and I heard that little voice, just calling out to me, ‘Hi!’ I knelt down, prayed and surrendered my life to God,” he said. And Gurmit’s life has never been the same since. 

Despite his fame, Gurmit remains humble and down-to-earth, charming and candid, endearing himself to his legions of fans in Malaysia and across the Causeway. 

Excerpt from STAR

October 11, 2006

When non-Muslims also choose to fast

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YAY! Awesome testimony! Ps Vincent, Ps Kuan Ming & Chin Choy appeared in NST!!

Our main pastor, Pastor Vincent together with our Prayer Pastor, Pastor Kuan Ming and our church staff Lee Chin Choy appeared in New Strait Times on an article on when Non-Muslim also choose to fast. Check it out below.

When non-Muslims also choose to fast 

PETALING JAYA: The type and length of fasting may differ, but many non-Muslims in Malaysia are fasting alongside their Muslim brethren.

“We have a Kongsi Raya, so why not a Kongsi Puasa?” asked the main pastor of Glad Tidings Assembly of God Church here.

The main reason for fasting during this month, said Reverend Dr Vincent Leoh, is to “respect Ramadan”.

“This period should be special, not just for Muslims but for the nation.

“When we humble ourselves, God will answer our prayers and bring healing to our land, to the races and communities,” he said.

Leoh said about a third of his 2,800 parishioners fast during Ramadan.

Leoh, who fasts the whole month by taking just one meal a day in the evening, said they started encouraging the congregation to fast three years ago to “feel along with their Muslim friends”.

“When we fast, we pray for blessings for our Muslim friends throughout the world.

“By fasting, we also feel for the poor. We have a choice whether or not to eat; they don’t.”

Being non-Muslim, his observance of the fast during Ramadan does raise eyebrows.

“When lunch invitations come, I tactfully decline.

“For Muslims, it’s a set period and everyone knows they’re fasting. For us Christians, they ask: ‘You’re fasting? Why?’”

Assistant pastor Lee Kuan Ming said fasting with the Muslims during Ramadan was good for nation-building and understanding each other’s cultures and beliefs.

“At the end of the fast last year, we sold dates to our congregation and encouraged them to distribute the dates to their Muslim friends.”

Leoh’s parishioners fast in different ways. Unlike the Muslim fast, there is no sahur (pre-fast meal) and no specific time for the breaking of fast.

“There are no rules. Some don’t eat in the morning, and just have one meal in the evening.

“Some take only water for the whole month (absolute fast). We don’t encourage this unless they have a reason to do so,” said Leoh.

Others abstain from solid food and only take liquids like soup and milk. Still others give up meat.

Property manager Lee Chin Choy has fasted for the past three years. He said it was difficult in the beginning.

“It really tested my endurance. Physically, it’s difficult as the temptation is there and I feel hungry.

“But spiritually, my prayers were answered. Now, I’ve got used to it.”

For Yen Hun Sung, fasting is a show of solidarity with his Muslim friends.

The analyst with PFC Energy Sdn Bhd is going to fast the “Muslim” way, complete with sahur and breaking of fast next Thursday, the day his company is having its buka puasa dinner.

“I suggested that all the non-Muslims fast along with the Muslims.

“Initially everyone agreed, but now some are having second thoughts. But not me. I’m going the whole way.”  

October 5, 2006

Hazy KL but the VIEW Rocks! – Check out Why?

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Hazy But Scenic

This is an absolutely brilliant shot taken by STAR newspaper.

I simply love it! Not the fact that KL is having a Haze, but the photo of a Tourist trying to take a scenic picture of Kuala Lumpur.

Poor tourist, can’t see anything outside the KL Towers, cos everything is white and hazy. So the next best alternative is to take a picture of a Poster of Kuala Lumpur. Aiyoh …. poor tourist!!

Someone might as well sell him a Postcard of Kuala Lumpur. Hope the haze will not dampen our tourist arrivals to Malaysia. Blow wind blow …. blow the Haze away!!!

For those of you who are concerned. You can call the Toll Free API Number to get a reading of the current status of the Haze.

API Toll Free Number 1800 882727

API indication:

0-50                  Good

51-100              Moderate

101-200            Unhealty 

201-300            Very unhealty

300 and above   Hazardeous

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