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March 15, 2007

Congratulations to Stanley & Regine for Baby Valerie Wong

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Congrats congrats to Stanley, Regine and Vanessa.

Regine gave birth to Baby Valerie on 14 March 2007.

Valerie Wong

Now Zoe Joy has a new friend to play with lor. Valerie Wong is only 15 Days younger than Zoe Joy.

Coincidently Vanessa Wong is a couple of months older than Nathanael. So basically we’ve got similiar family planning skills 🙂 Cos both our kids are born within the same year, 2004 and 2007. 🙂

 Here’s a recent photo of Vanessa and Nathanael


February 27, 2007

And Baby Zoe Joy entered Planet Earth Today

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Watch our Blog : http://darentiff.blogspot.com for updates


Zoe Joy Lee


We are so happy to announce the birth our second child, Zoe Joy Lee.

Tiff went into labor today at 9.55am and at 1.46pm, baby Zoe Joy popped out! 🙂

Here are two cute pictures of her ..


Zoe Joy snugly wrapped up in a towel.

This was right after the delivery.


Here’s another picture of Zoe Joy lying in the crib.

Zoe Joy Details

Zoe Joy Lee

Born : 27 February 2007

Time : 1.46pm

Weight : 3.24kg / 7.1 lbs

Height : 49.5cm

** So … baby Zoe Joy is borned within the Chinese New Year
… so dear wonderful parents …
you know what to do lah 🙂 hahahaha

We are really blessed with Zoe Joy more details on the delivery and baby soon.

Mommie Tiff is resting now.
Baby Zoe Joy is in the nursery bathed and immunized.

More news later!

Watch our Family Blog : http://darentiff.blogspot.com for updates

p/s Now this is what i call a good hospital. SJMC has WIFI !! 🙂

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