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January 8, 2007

Today’s Passport Ordeal to Collect Passport

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Malaysia PassportAiyoh!!! And to think it took me only 15 minutes to process my Passport Renewal at the Kiosk (yup the renewal process is really fast), BUT it took me FOREVER to get back the new passport.

This morning, I woke up early and went to the Immigration Department (Damansara) to collect the passport. Being kiasu, I thought it would be good to go early (7.30am arrived there) and be one of the first few so that i can make it into work before 9am.

 Guess what? I was the THIRD in line! Yup ..  (i should have taken a photo of my number). Anyway … Was the third inline, pretty happy, sat down in front of the Counter waiting in anticipation for the Number 3 to come out, to collect and get it over with.

The wait turned out to be much longer than expected. Sigh.

Guess what? The most impossible thing happened. After about 30 – 45 minutes of waiting, they started saying that their Computer System was DOWN. And that they could not process anything. So wait lah …. me and another 100+  people waiting to collect our “completed” passports!

Sigh … the seconds turned to minutes and slowly became hours!

I guess Patience is one of my virtues! 🙂

Anyway …. by 11am … (that’s almost 2 1/2 hours of waiting to collect my passport), an official guy spoke in Malay (which i could not understand half of what he was saying), announced that those with numbers today, you may want to go to Counter 3 to return those numbers for your original receipts and come back again tomorrow!!

I was like … WHAT? You should see the commotion … everyone was RUNNING and PUSHING their way to Counter 3 (I was sitting in front of Counter 16) …. aiyoh nya!

Then i guess i better start WALKING to Counter 3 … and when i finally made it there (which was like 5 metres away) there was a crowd of at least 70 people .. forming their own haphazard line in front of Counter 3.

Thankfully .. a good samaritan ….. a lady was behind me and asked if this was the line to wait to Collect our Passports. I replied that was a good question …. cos i couldnt fathom half the announcement the official guy said. Then she said its ok, her mom is in front of Counter 16 (the original counter where we are suppose to Collect Our Passports) and asking quesitons.

After 2 mins, her mom waved her over, and confirmed that Counter 3 was for those processing to Apply for a Passport, and we who were waiting to collect our passport was to go back to Counter 16!!

So i left the hundred or so people now waiting in front of Counter 3 .. and headed back to Counter 16.

The guy said … hmm. … the best thing to do is to wait to 4pm or come back later at 4pm and hope the system comes up. Or you can give up your third position in line and come back tomorrow again and wait again!!

 Super AIYOH!!!!!! Was lost for a minute or two trying to think …. hmmmmmm…….

Okies… i relinquished my Third Position in line, and got back my original receipt.

Alas .. tomorrow i will try again and hopefully I will be able to get my passport!

So stick around and see if i do get my passport or not!

Sigh ……………. …………….


November 3, 2006

Aiyoh.. Sick news again … Robbing & Stripping a lady in Subang Jaya

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Oh no … its happening again.

Its really Bad and Horrible news on how some thieves stole from a lady in Subang Jaya in the evening (Only 7.45 pm!) and then got her to strip and then took photos of her with her camera phone!  I mean.. yikes what is happening to our world? What’s happening to our Safe country? Nice country?

Totally disgusted with it. Why lah? Wonder what can we do as the public to stand up against all these nonsense. Wouldn’t u love it if Malaysia is known for its safety, caring  & loving society. Sigh …

Robbers strip, humiliate executive

SUBANG JAYA: An executive was forced to undress and was photographed nude by two men who also robbed her here on Monday night. 

The robbers also drew heart-shaped signs all over the 28-year-old woman’s body in the 7.45pm incident. 

Subang Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Muhammad Fuad Talib said the woman was walking towards her car in SS15 here when the men pushed her into her vehicle. 

They then took her to a bank nearby and withdrew RM200 from the ATM before stripping her in the car. 

“The men then took the victim back to SS15 before using her cellular phone to take pictures of her in the nude in the car,” he said. 

ACP Muhammad Fuad said the men tried to rape the victim but she begged to be released. The men then used a pen to draw heart shapes all over her body before running away.  

News Source : Star

October 28, 2006

Where is Superman when we need him?

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SupermanWhere lah?… Where is Superman when you need him?

Thankfully no one was hurt in the accident when our Light Rail Transit (or aka LRT) with its six coaches overshot its station and crashed into the buffer stop and was left precariously dangling 25 metres from the ground. The train, belonging to the Ampang Line (formerly known as Star-LRT) was empty save for the driver when the incident occurred at 7.11am yesterday.

DANGLING DANGER: A coach of the Rapid KL Ampang LRT line dangling 25m above the ground after the train overshot the end of the track at the Sentul Timur station in Kuala Lumpur on Friday morning. There was only a driver on board when the accident occurred at 7.11am. The station was closed for 20 minutes but train services were not affected. — STARpic by ABDUL RAHMAN SENIN

Thankfully the LRT Train was empty, with the exception of the driver. He just dropped off all the passengers at the last station. But i guess we could have used Superman to prevent it from further crashing into the buffer. 

A further report said that – A TNB worker close to the scene said it was fortunate that the train did not fall off completely because there was an electricity substation underneath the stabling area.  “If it had struck the substation, it would probably have exploded,” he said. 

So … where is Superman when we need him?  

Read more from : STAR

September 15, 2006

Tribute to Steve Irwin

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Tribute to Steve IrwinIrwin, known as the Crocodile Hunter, died last week when a stingray’s barb stabbed him in the chest as he dived.

His death prompted outpourings of grief, with millions of well-wishers around the world sending tributes. 

<- The picture Australia Zoo … Irwin fans have been paying tribute with flowers since his death last week.

Hundreds of grieving admirers camped overnight outside three locations in his home state of Queensland for a chance to attend next week’s farewell. The televised service will be held in the “Crocoseum” of Australia Zoo.












* * * Tribute to Steve Irwing * * *

August 2, 2006

Woman found dead in PJ

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Again in today’s news a poor woman was found dead in PJ. Sigh … we tend to see more and more things like these in our neighbourhood these days. Its really sad; and makes you wonder how safe things really are where we live.Why do people do the things they do – in Robbery, Rape and Murder? What really gets to these people who commit these crimes!

Anyway … i guess all of us who live or work in PJ just have to be more and more careful. Now with Petaling Jaya being a city, let’s hope things will improve, safety will improve on the overall for all of us.

Wednesday August 2, 2006

Woman found dead in PJ

PETALING JAYA: The half-naked body of a woman was found at the recently-cleared site of a Hindu temple near Sunway Mentari here. 

The woman, believed to have been between 25 and 30 years old, was found lying on her back at the base of an uprooted tree on the plot of land which had been cleared for development. 

Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Mohd Hazam Abdul Halim said the woman had been killed by a blow to her neck and chin with a sharp object. 

“The chin and jaw was almost crushed by the force of the blow,” he said, adding that there were also other injuries to her right hand and body, believed to be sustained when she tried to fend off her attackers. 

“Her bra was half pulled off and her panties had been hiked down to her feet. She was also blindfolded with a beige headscarf,” said ACP Mohd Hazam. 

He said the woman’s identity had not been confirmed yet, as no document was found on her. 

“However, we believe that she could be a foreigner as there was no inoculation scar on her arm.” 

Police found the woman’s clothes – a red jacket, white T-shirt and black slacks – in a shopping bag near her body. They also found two Malay novels, as well as a few pastries. 

ACP Mohd Hazam said initial investigations revealed that the woman had probably been killed on the spot and that the body had been lying there for 18 to 24 hours before it was discovered at 2.15pm yesterday. 

“We are waiting for a post mortem report to establish whether she had been raped prior to being killed,” he said.

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July 28, 2006

Hmmm… the protest would look scarry if you didnt know what was happening

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The 39th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting is happening at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, KLCC. There’s a group of individuals who are just protesting …. hmm.

According to Malaysia Kini, its a peaceful protest, where the police have already given a permit for this protest to take place for a fixed period of time yesterday and today.  http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/54537

But i guess for foreigners coming to our country, they may be shocked or scared to see all these people standing around, waving flags, shouting into megaphones. Yeah .. it may leave a bad impression of our peaceful and united Muhibbah nation. sigh!!!!!

[Err they even have a banner that says “Zionist Are Terrorists” … amazingly it rhymes!]

Anyway, I hope this doesn’t slow or bring down the many many toursits that are now coming to our country … esp during the festive Summer month and the Mega Sale!!

Here’s a couple of photos taken nearby. 🙂




July 7, 2006

Arrrrghhh!! My PC is infected!

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Aiyoh…. can’t do anything at work now.

My Antivirus Alert went berzerk! It just started listing tons of spyware in my local hard drive. My IT department called me and was told to switch off my PC. Arrghh.. now got no PC!

Guess i can’t do anything at work today! 🙂

The weirdest part of it… a software called BraveGuard installed itself on my PC.. and the best part i dont have administrator rights. Hmm.. how was that done?

Anyway.. i’ve got no PC… can’t do anything today..

Yay yay yay yay yay!! 😉

July 5, 2006

Miri Schoolgirls in a gang-fight

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Sigh .. this is bad stuff. To have fights happening in school.

Here’s the link to the video that a friend passed on. 

Watch the Video

Thursday June 29, 2006
Footage shows schoolgirls in a gang-fightMIRI: Video footages showing what appeared to be a beachfront gang-fight here, involving a group of female students in uniforms, have been circulating on mobile phones and posted on the Internet. They showed a group of girls kicking, slapping, punching and pulling the hair of another female student, watched by a group of male students, also in uniform. 

The male students were just standing around watching. 

Rumours of the incident spread after some students received the picture messages on their phones that showed girls in school uniforms fighting. 

GIRLS TOO?: This undated picture from a video taken from a website shows a secondary school student slapping another girl at a beach in Miri, Sarawak. The video, which also showed the other girls kicking, slapping, punching and pulling the girl’s hair, was first circulated on mobile phones. It could not be immediately confirmed if the girls were just acting or a fight had taken place.

The background in the pictures showed a beach area resembling the one about 2km from the city centre. A check with the police showed that there was no report of students being assaulted. 

SMK Joseph principal Marcus Gauliang said the school had not received any report on the matter and that it could be the work of some students trying to smear the school’s image.  

“But we will investigate the case if we receive a report,” he said. 

Some parents, whose children are studying in schools located in the area, have also heard about the incident. 

“Initially, when my son showed me the pictures, I thought it was a joke,” said a father who has a son in school.  

“However, my son received a message later from his friend saying that the same footages are being aired over the Internet. 

“On closer scrutiny, the footages on the website looked very real. The schoolgirls were filmed in action, with sounds of yelling and struggling. 

“The background scene looks like the Miri beachfront,” said the concerned father of four kids. 

The girls were speaking in Chinese and their faces could be seen quite clearly. 

It is not immediately known which school or schools they are from.

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