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June 28, 2006

Toilet Skyline

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We recently completed our ISO Certification for our workplace. (ISO 9001, ISO 14001OHSAS 18001). Boy was it a lot of work!!! We had a huge team and our GM thanked us all and brought us all out to makan Thai food.

A colleague help took some wonderful photos ….. The Petronas Twin Towers looked so close. AND it was so cool, cos there was a circle of clouds surrounding the Towers. Pretty Neat. And of course, the picture that you wanted to see … [otherwise why would you ever wanna click on a post that talks about a Toilet Skyline ]…  check out the photos below.

The Petronas Twin Towers by nite. So cool!

 Petronas Twin Towers

Silhouette of me & The Towers

Silhouette of me and the Towers

And the most amazing Toilet I ever saw! This toilet had a glass urinal wall, with a tall full length window which overlooks the entire KL City. So its like … when you wanna go, you let it all go to Kuala Lumpur!! And they have weird amazing blue lights in the gents too!

Toilet Skyline

Toilet Skyline

[The Horizontal Bar and downards is the Glass Urinal, The Rocks are just for decor, and behind the horizontal bar is the window to the World!]

Okies okies… i better put my dear friends up here too, otherwise, they will think we go makan makan together and I only post pictures of the LOO!!!

We had about 30 of us makan-ing together-gether. Here they are.




RM10,000 to missionaries who marry Orang Asli women

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Hmmmmm ………..

AS part of its efforts to convert more Orang Asli to Islam, the Kelantan Government is offering RM10,000 to its missionaries who marry Orang Asli women.



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It will be interesting to see the end result of the Malaysia Federal Court ruling ….

Read the news article in the “More Section”


June 26, 2006

Legs out of Water

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We had a blast yesterday at the pool. And whilst we were by the pool, i caught this queer looking sight. Hmmm ….. now what would you think these people are doing?

I mean, when we sit by the pool, normally our bodies would be out of the water and our legs paddling in the pool.

But this sure looks like an opposite case of Legs out of water, and lets check out what's happening down under! Or mebbe they were just thirsty and gulping down some H20!!

** U must catch the Dolphin Challenge Video too. Guess who lasted the longest? Was it Jerome? Charlotte? or me?

 Leg Out of Water

June 22, 2006

Beware of Fake 50 cents coin

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 Aiyoh… why-lah people spent so much effort and money and time on (Research & Development) to come up with fake 50 cents coins? Don't really understand the reason.

Anyway.. watch out for it yah. Mebbe you should carry a Magnet with you at all times. 🙂


PHONY ATTRACTION: A magnet test can determine whether a 50 sen coin is genuine because the magnet will attract the fake coin.


June 21, 2006

If Hi-Fi has a baby, what would the name be?

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We’ve got a dear friend in our hotel.

He’s in the Engineering department, and his name is HF Low, but more commonly known as Hi-Fi! (yes as in Hi Fi Stereo). I mean everyone calls him Hi-Fi, from his subordinates, to his superiors, his colleagues in other departments and even my GM. (but to be exact, HF doesn’t stand for Hi-Fi… but that’s another story)

Congratulations to Hi-Fi and his wife, for their darling baby boy borned last Saturday.
I believe every Father’s Day would be totally significant for him, cos his baby boy was borned on the eve of Father’s Day.

So guess what he’s planning to name his baby boy ……….



….. Mini Hi-Fi!

Check out Stereo Hi-Fi (he & his wife) & his cute baby boy Mini Hi-Fi

Hi Fi & Wife (Stereo)Mini Hi-Fi

Badminton Blooper

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Every Tuesday nite a group of us play badminton at the Sri Petaling Primary School (opposite Bukit Bintang Boy School) at sect 14, PJ.

So last nite one of our dear friends brought along his girlfriend to the game. In fact last nite two guys brought along their girlfriends to the game.

Anyway, the first guy and his girl friend was playing with Daniel and me.

So they had a pep talk before the game. Briefing her where to stand, what to do, and this guy would help cover if Daniel or I attack. He actually plays well too!!

So we started, he tried defending every shuttle they flew accross, he would run for the ball at the back, at the front, at the sides.

Eventually, we hit over a shot where it flew behind the girl, he instinctively ran behind, got there in time, placed his shot and with all his strength hit the shuttle to bring the ball back to our court.

Unfortunately…. the shuttle didnt get to our court. It hit his girlfriend squarely behind the ears ……. OUCH!!!

Poor guy…. I hope he will get to live to see the next morning! 🙂 hahaha…..

(Oh yes .. poor girl!)

June 20, 2006

Robbed during Worldcup Football

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 Aiyoh poor guys… they were so busy cheering and most probably jeering the Worldcup on TV that they didnt hear some a break in .. and they lost their TV to watch Football. Poor folks!!!

 Guess which city did it occur in Malaysia? (more…)

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