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April 12, 2007

Photos from Shadows of the Cross

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Glad Tidings Petaling Jaya’s “Shadows of the Cross” was a superb Easter Production where Ps Vincent together with the Drama, Choir and Worship team formed a wonderful Illustrated Sermond depicting the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ thru the eyes of Two Roman Soldiers; Maximus and Spartacus.

The Drama was moving, with scenes which evoked Truth, provoked many to think about the actual representations of the people backed in Jerusalem 2000 year ago; it also displayed how cover ups were suggested by the Pharisees on the miraculous ressurection of Jesus and it presented a Hope to many.

Here are some Random Thumbnails not arranged in any order or sequence, Click on them for a Bigger Picture. Alternatively visit Daniel’s Site for the Full Coverage of the Shadows of The Cross Photos


THE CAST & ALL INVOVLED for the Shadows of the Cross

DSC02113 DSC01993   DSC02707  DSC02004 DSC02128 DSC02122   DSC02580

DSC02540 DSC01943 DSC02533 DSC02529 DSC02519   DSC02131 DSC02087 DSC01985 DSC02016 DSC02038


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