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March 27, 2007

The “Last” Poem

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I guess Cheah must have been tired of waiting for another hotel to host lunch! So he says his good byes thru this poem. 🙂  As usual enjoy his unique sense of humor.


With so much happening,
And a few people leaving,
The TIME is coming,
Perhaps we should disband this thing,
Known to all as “The Gathering”

Interest has waned,
Some people treat with disdain,
You can feel the pain,
Nothing much to gain,
It has become very plain.

The idea is to form a society,
To celebrate our work monthly,
To share our success story,
To establish a common strategy,
To communicate fairly,
And to find JOY in our routine daily.

But this is not to be,
Even with poems it’s easy to see,
No one seems to be free,
So there is no activity,
C’est La Vie,
Whatever will be will be.

The poems require some planning,
Words require highlighting,
“The Last” will have that meaning,
As with every beginning,
There must be an ending,
So it looks like I’ll be writing,
More for my GM reporting.

Furthermore, my evening,
Will be reserved for other outing,
That will give my Life meaning,
As Religion ain’t my kinda thing,
Hope you guys will be understanding.

For what is Life without passion,
Day after day, session after session,
We have yet to learn our lesson,
Feels like a life of retribution,
All words but no action.

So this will be “The Last”,
To all the remaining Revenue cast.
Whatever we’ve done in the past,
I will treasure and hold fast.

* This final poem dedicated to all those going off or are gone(in the literal sense, not physical sense ! )


Poem by Cheah H C


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