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March 20, 2007

Poem : ‘The Gathering’

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We’ve got an awesome poet in the Revenue Gang … its none other than Cheah from Shang! 🙂

Each time prior the Revenue Gathering … he would come up with a superb poem! Its so good that i am gonna start archiving it on this blog (will have to search my deleted files for his older poems)

This poem … we’re figuiring out where we’re gonna have our next lunchies? say our goodbye to Jonathan Low, and the upcoming F1 season.

Read on ….  

The Gathering 

The time has come,
Known as ‘The Gathering’ to some,
To others, it may be bothersome,
To us, it’s usually Lunch F1.

Speaking of which,
I’m opening this sales pitch,
On the next destination hitch,
As Jonathan has left us in the ditch.

It’s suppose to be ParkRoyal Hotel,
And it’s easy to tell,
It’s alphabetical,
However, he’s now set sail.

So, we propose a new destination,
Perhaps a place of fascination,
With sounds like detonation,
An event that wakes up the Nation.

Yan said Picnic at the circuit,
Will be of much benefit,
It won’t be a tight fit,
The only problem will be the ticket.

Do they give away tickets for free?
Can someone check and see?
Or perhaps there is a group fee,
then organising it will be easy.

I can bring cheese that shine,
Yan will bring 3 bottles of wine,
Together we will all dine,
F1 Saturday, weather should be fine.

For we always do the same,
GOD says this is not the game,
Don’t let the self get blame,
Let’s change and ignite the flame.

So, what say you my friend?
Should we follow the normal trend?
And gather at hotels again?
For a ‘quickie’ bite as planned?
Or for once, ‘kick the sand’,
And shout “Let’s go to the F1, man !!”
Dude, this goes hand in hand,
When someone asked you again,
At the hotel, you plan and you plan
But didn’t see you at the F1 stand
Let’s go while we can
And listen to the F1 band !!

By Cheah



  1. Read these comments from MyCCM.com on Rebecca St. James.

    Posted by: chris on April 7, 2007 4:46AM EST
    u people heard of singing virgin nun rebecca st. james? (LOL) she sang at one of carman concert (LOL)

    rebecca st. james reminds me of jessica simpson…

    rebecca st. james didn’t fit to be a model so she decides that she play virgin role model (LOL) waiting to have sex with her future hubby

    then like jessica simpson and others REBECCA ST.JAMES will be divorce to her future husband whom she made herself the icon example to the teens (LOL)

    REBECCA ST.JAMES already self righteous towards someone like brittney spears saying how rebecca st. james feel “sorry” for her

    And she call herself bold (LOL) while rest of the world sees her as singing virgin nun with a nasal singing tone
    who is working over time playing virgin

    sorry for rebecca st. james who’s real name is rebecca jean smallbone (LOL)
    who put herself into unrealistic pressure that literally burnt her out (LOL)

    rebecca st.james should learn from amy grant and carman THEY FAILED MORALE PURITY

    rebecca st. james behaves like singing virgin robot dot com calling herself thats real (LOL)

    Posted by: steve on April 7, 2007 4:52AM EST
    that’s too funny

    Posted by: jenny on April 8, 2007 1:03AM EST
    i personally agree. rebecca st. james does come across like she’s SUPERHUMAN unlike rest of the world.

    GOD is wonderful not rebecca st. james the virgin rockstar “so what’s the big hype about rebecca?”

    Posted by: daniel on April 9, 2007 3:50AM EST
    Yall too funny! Rebecca St. James ain’t my favorite. She’s okay and she ain’t better than Britney Spears. They’re both unworthy before Almighty God!! So Rebecca St. James better stop talking how “sad” she is for Britney Spears. Instead why doesn’t Rebecca St. James get on her knees and PRAY for Britney Spears every day! STOP singing about PRAYER to get album recognition about what a wonder is Rebecca St. James is “why not really pray for Britney” Where is your “compassion for Britney Spears?” why promote that Rebecca St James involved in compassion outreach and SHE CAN’T SHOW COMPASSION TO BRITNEY SPEARS?

    Posted by: Tony McKinzy on April 9, 2007 4:04AM EST


    I’ve never would have guess that 😉

    Posted by: cindy on April 10, 2007 2:36AM EST
    Exactly! Rebecca St. James shouldn’t judge britney spears instead pray for her…EXACTLY!

    And absolutely don’t think you are without Sins REBECCA ST. JAMES verses britney spears sin.

    You are just as sinful Rebecca Smallbone! -laughing although you are virgin.

    We are all sinful either virgin or not virgin. So stop making yourself icon or role model rebecca. HOW GREAT IS OUR God and not you rebecca st. james.

    Your not better rebecca st. james than britney spears because you are virgin

    you need that to keep you humble instead of having you manipulative playing role play with the public while you are privately inside you are not this virgin guru role model.
    you are just like britney spears that you critize rebecca st. james. you play innocent outwardly (outward virgin) while internally you are not all that in the bag of chips. you know it’s true rebecca st. james.


    Posted by: Jessie on April 10, 2007 2:57AM EST

    Rebecca St. James is Rebecca Smallbone ? She’s short that i knew. She dresses funky. Rebecca St. James condeming about some people not modest in what they wear? Did you see rebecca st. james photo wearing red shirt that comes down below her shoulder? she should cover up her shoulder too!!

    She’s really self righteous towards others!

    Posted by: Luke on April 10, 2007 2:52PM EST
    yep i saw Rebecca St. James photo with red shirt that comes down below her shoulder from 4 image gallery. I even saw her shouderless top that is white.
    so is that consider not modest to christian? maybe it;s modest to rebecca st. james, but some probably not.

    i read rebecca st. james Q & A where she didn’t think watching TV was good fir people.


    if she tells people watching tv is not good for people. quite weird of rebecca st. james.

    Posted by: Luis on April 10, 2007 3:28PM EST
    Let me provide big juicy secreat yall public don’t know about.

    Rebecca St. James has this crush on well known Chris Tomlin.

    Chris Tomlin helped Rebecca St. James write the song “wait for me” well she calls it they wrote the song together when they toured togerher about i say from september 8 – november about 2 month.

    Well rebecca st. james would love to marry a guy like Chris Tomlin but he has a lot of other well known christian artist who’s single likes to marry Chris Tomlin too. So Rebecca St. James endlessly plays this song “wait for me” as her love letter to future husband. i think Rebecca St. James feel she’s more deserving of Chris Tomlin than other women because she is virgin (LOL)

    and Oh she’s doing worship revolution tour where she meet with worship leaders to Q&A

    but she Rebecca St. James have been known for her edgy rock/pop

    well, Chris Tomlin is quite big now and known for worship, so Rebecca St. James keep playing her song she written with Chris Tomlin “wait for me” her love letter to future husband while she hopes Chris Tomlin waits for Rebecca St. James then recently Rebecca St. James post new song call “take all of me” as you notice she likes to express her feeling through song.

    REBECCA ST.JAMES dear devil you made pretty hefty money and climbing chart to your hopeful love song to chris tomlin.

    public didn’t know what or who she keep singing her future husband song “wait for me”
    she likes to play like that.

    now you all know rebecca st. james song love affair with Chris Tomlin

    Posted by: Esther on April 11, 2007 2:18AM EST
    Maybe Rebecca St. James should just become a cathalic nun with a christian twist wearing modest nun robs so she can be a perfect fit christian stone statue

    Posted by: unknown on April 11, 2007 2:44AM EST
    Rebecca St. James is not Chris Tomlin type. Although he consider her friend/ fellow christian artist.

    Posted by: Jessica on April 11, 2007 2:59AM EST
    i don’t know yall know, but every people that responds to rebecca st. james good deeds of sponsoring child through compassion she gets returns for her investment…yes money, etc..(she ain’t doing it completly free for her charatible deeds)

    Posted by: Speaking Truth About Rebecca St. James on April 11, 2007 3:14AM EST

    ” yall I found this article ”

    Barlow Girl Review
    3rd March 2006 – By Stucco

    I saw Rebecca St. James, Barlow Girl and Jadon Lavik in concert tonight at Tree of Life Church and I must say it was a decent show. Tree is a good place for a concert, everyone had pretty good seats at the show, plus the facilities were top notch. No port-a-potty’s tonight!
    Rebecca St. James seemed as if she was performing for people instead of for God. I hate to give a bad review like that, but that’s how it was. It was a performance in a can. Some of her prayers were even identical to those on her live album. I expected a more faith filled, worship time with her. On the bright side, her music sounded great.

    Posted by: Anonymous on April 13, 2007 4:41AM EST
    and oh did yall see rebecca st. james, specifically adds chris tomlin 2006 dove awards photo next to her dove award hosting with kirk franklin on 4 image gallery? rebecca st. james looks so funky in her green dress with her outrageous hair up. i think she wants to look older (lol) she was cheering hystrically about Chris Tomlin.

    why do you deceive your male fans rebecca st. james like you are still waiting for some guy out there. while you are speaking love song to Chris Tomlin (lol) album sales to buy yourself a wedding dress for your hopeful marriage? (lol)

    come on rebecca st. james virgin monk, Chris Tomlin so much anointed than you.

    and no he doesn’t go around bragging about how virgin should everyone be
    instead “how great God is”

    and that’s quite catchy of you to write sweet comments to chris tomlin, how you appreciate his friendship and that he inspires you.

    very good rebecca…trying to feed chris tomlin with your female pitch of admiration in hopes for hopeful future with him?

    you play so sweet with the public. no wonder you’re into acting. you like to play good girl image, right? like britney spears that you critize about. rebecca st. james you should really sing “oops i did it again, i’m not that innocent” atleast britney spears speaks truth with her song about how she really is.
    unlike you rebecca st. james playing virgin monk role

    don’t play with the public like they are stupid dear rebecca st. james

    you seen what happen to carman, your dear mentor?

    people catch on soon or later

    that also includes you rebecca st. james.

    you’re not fooling anyone

    Posted by: EXPOSING THE LIES of REECCA ST. JAMES on April 13, 2007 2:31PM EST
    very nicely say

    rebecca st. james has been totally exposed on here

    while she tries to post and gather positive comments to add on her myspace page to help her image.

    i remember carman doing same ordeal when people began to “exposed the real carman”

    facts are all there and people aren’t stupid about you rebecca st. james

    so what’s it gonna be? keep playing your image role play of innocent

    or you exposed terribly (lol)

    Posted by: Anonymous on April 13, 2007 9:26PM EST
    #1 to expose on REBECCA JEAN SMALLBONE:


    Here is hard facts that have told on May 15, 2003 about TBN run by and founded by Atheist Group!
    SANTA ANA, CA – For everyone who has ever tuned into the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)—broadcast on satellite and cable systems across the country—and thought, “This can’t be serious,” it turns out you were right.

    Local and federal law enforcement officials have uncovered an elaborate scheme engineered by an atheist group and aimed at embarrassing the Christian religion; a scheme that has been going on for nearly 30 years.

    Among other startling discoveries, officials have learned that TBN—which has claimed from the beginning to exist for the purpose of furthering God’s kingdom – was actually founded by Broadcasters Against God (BAG)—a loosely organized faction of Hollywood atheists—in 1973 and has been operated by the group ever since.

    “We’ve been on this case for years,” said special federal investigator Scott Hines. “I mean, come on. Have you ever watched this channel?”

    A 250-page report released this week reveals that TBN’s ridiculous-looking sets featuring enormous purple thrones lined with ornate gold patterns and hosts with huge hairdos and caked-on makeup were used purposely to give bleary-eyed channel surfers a distorted view of Christianity.

    “The biggest surprise to me is that we were able to get away with it for so long,” BAG President Wayne Mailer said in a signed confession included in the report. “I mean, seriously, Christians were actually giving money to keep this channel on the air! It was unbelievable.”

    In fact, TBN was primarily supported by viewer contributions over the years, although officials are now taking a good, hard look at the motives behind a series of large gifts from media mogul Ted Turner.

    “I pity the fools who gave money to this network,” born again entertainer Mr. T said upon learning of the scam. He’s just one of many Christians who unwittingly participated in the deception by making numerous appearances on TBN.

    “This is totally whack,” echoed Christian music artist Carman, another TBN regular. “Anyone who would carry on something like this for so long needs a check up from the neck up. What the dilly?”

    It’s unclear what charges will be levied against BAG since there are no laws against disingenuous programming. But one thing is almost certain—officials have no intention of walking away from years of investigating without handing down a conviction.

    “Just putting together this kind of painful television for two decades deserves pretty serious punishment,” Hines said. “Believe me, we’re gonna make something stick.”

    Posted by: Joel on April 13, 2007 9:40PM EST
    yep, i see that facts being true to be wriiten from the holy observer.


    Posted by: Anonymous on April 13, 2007 9:57PM EST
    #2. Exposed on Rebecca Smallbone (who trademark her name to Rebecca St. James


    here’s more on TBN where Rebecca St. James delivered her music video of “expression of love” which she did duet with chris tomlin.

    Crouch to Stay Chief of TBN Despite Gay Sex Allegation
    Christians nationwide lend support to the O.C. televangelist. Network calls the claims ‘salacious.’

    Los Angeles Times/September 14, 2004
    By William Lobdell
    While the Christian community buzzed Monday about allegations that televangelist Paul Crouch had been involved in a homosexual tryst, Trinity Broadcasting Network officials said their leader would continue “God’s call” as the network’s president.
    They also said that Christian leaders from around the country offered private words of encouragement Monday for Crouch.
    “We prepared for the worst and prayed for the best,” knowing that the allegations would be made public over the weekend, said Paul Crouch Jr., eldest son of the pastor and an executive at the network.
    “So far our prayers are being answered. Most of the e-mails and calls have been very positive.”
    He said the network received unsolicited backing from dozens of Christian leaders who called or e-mailed their support, including author Josh McDowell; Doug Wead, a onetime advisor to former President George H.W. Bush; and singers Pat Boone and Carman.
    On Sunday, The Times detailed the fierce legal battle that Crouch successfully fought to keep secret a 1998 agreement that paid Enoch Lonnie Ford $425,000 in exchange for staying silent about his allegations of a sexual encounter between him and Crouch in 1996 at a TBN-owned cabin near Lake Arrowhead.
    When Ford wrote a manuscript last year that contained details of his allegations, Crouch went to court to enforce the 1998 agreement.
    An Orange County judge issued a restraining order in April 2003 that prevented the memoir’s publication until a private arbitrator could rule if it violated the agreement. In June, the arbitrator ruled in Crouch’s favor.
    The news sparked a 650-word statement by TBN on Sunday. In it, the network called the allegations “salacious” and labeled Ford an ex-convict and longtime drug abuser.
    Ford, who worked for TBN from 1992 to 1996 in a variety of jobs, served jail time in the 1990s for cocaine possession and having sex with a 17-year-old boy.
    TBN officials also said that Crouch agreed to the settlement to avoid costly litigation and scandal.
    “The importance of the settlement does not rest on the money paid, but rather on Dr. Crouch’s vehement denial of the allegations made against him as well as the agreement of the accuser to keep confidential and refrain from repeating his false claims and accusations,” TBN officials said in the statement.
    TBN officials also said that the “accuser and his false claims were soundly defeated in court.”
    In fact, neither the civil court judge or private arbitrator ruled on the validity of Ford’s claims – only that the 1998 settlement prevented their disclosure.
    Ford’s allegations stirred debate on the Internet, generating nearly 1,500 comments on a Yahoo message board, for example.
    Some were skeptical of Ford’s allegations.
    “This accuser does have motive for fraud,” wrote one anonymous reader.
    “I’ll reserve judgment until I know all the facts. Of course, the Christian-haters will come out of the woodwork before then. Anything that discredits Christianity is good for them.”
    But another wrote: “If it never happened, then what is Crouch worried about? & The ‘image’ is what is being protected here.”
    Jason T. Christy, publisher and editor-in-chief of the Church Report, a business magazine for Christian leaders, said he stayed busy Monday answering phone calls and e-mails about the scandal.
    “It’s had a great effect in the Christian community,” Christy said.
    While there was debate about the credibility of the allegations, most were concerned about how another televangelist scandal would hurt their ministries.
    “The majority of people are sick of this type of stuff,” Christy said. “The only time you hear about the Christian community is when something bad happens.”

    Comment by Rebecca St. James Ugly Truth — April 14, 2007 @ 8:01 pm

  2. While looking for something about Rebecca St James, I run into this comment. I don’t know what all that disdain for Rebecca is good for, but it will always please someone out there I guess. Meanwhile it hardly needs to be said that to slate someone is the easiest part in life. To believe in certain standards and to live up to it – even taking risks – is a little bit harder. And besides that, I have not yet noticed the kind of haughtiness in Rebecca, as is suggested here.

    The quote about Britney is well known, but Britney had committed herself to True Love Waits, then dropped that commitment. There is little wrong with feeling sorry for her when that happens – and it does not follow that Rebecca feels overconfident about herself. All her albums reveal her weakness as a human being, and her commitment to God as her strength.

    Of course, everyone has the right to Lough Out Loud about such commitment and attitudes. My only remark about that is that the numerous number of LOL’s in the foregoing comment hardly reveal an interesting attitude. It is more like someone being frustrated about the courage of other persons to hold on to commitments, to stand for it, and to take, humanly speaking, a risk. But courage was a virtue even for the Greeks.

    Have a nice day and … well, a lot of LOL, as much as you need to feel good.



    Comment by Galsem — September 10, 2007 @ 1:03 am

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