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January 28, 2007

Johor Flood Relief – Stevie’s Journey To Johor

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This is a follow up POST to the previous on what one of our church members (Stevie) experienced when he went down with a team of 51 to Johor last Saturday to help. You can read it all at – Johor flood relief 

Here’s an excerpt . . . 

7 of us went down to Johore yesterday for a recce trip and came away not only quite satisfied with the result, but also a little overwhelmed with the amount of things to be done over the next few weeks. We touched base with the local church in Kluang as well as Yong Peng, but we didn’t go into the critical areas. Kota Tinggi was still inaccessible as well as some orang asli villages. Segamat and Batu Pahat were also hot spots hit.

In Kluang, we worked with Project Eden, an interdenominational group supported by 16 churches, and they had a distribution centre, where they would cart the goods and supplies to villages. The Kluang area has receded, and as we drove through the roads, we saw people sunning and cleaning their furniture, mattresses and stuff. We also saw the rubbish and dirt brought in by the river, and broken roads by the river side. While the river was now docile, and I was glad for it, the curious side of human nature wondered how it would be like if it rained, and wanted the opportunity to experience it. Probably the same curious nature of Malaysians that makes us want to stop by the road to see a kemalangan.


More at Johor flood relief


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