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January 22, 2007

Poem : Waiting for Lunch

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This poem construed by Cheah resulted after a long lapse of no Revenue Manager’s Lunch! 🙂

We also said our Good Byes to Nayan who has moved on to a Regional role in UK.

Waiting for Lunch

As the month goes by,
And the weeks seemed to fly,
Waiting for Lunch made me sigh,
Even the Heavens seemed to cry.

12 times a year, now reduced to 4,
It can’t be that gatherings are a bore,
In fact I wanted more,
Perhaps next time even a dance floor.

Let’s do something, I said
A call to Yan I made,
He was previously excited although late,
Now the world waits,
For him to fix a date

Feb 3rd will be his 3rd month arrival anniversary,
Let’s help him celebrate and be merry,
Yan, make sure there are also some Irish Whisky
or at worst, a Bloody Mary

Guys, my parents are not millionaire,
And I don’t invest in equity share,
But I have to live my life with dare
For nobody else will care
Once I have re-located somewhere,
and have no friends there.

So as “Parisa Hilton” once said
before she got laid
Live life great
Live until your dues are paid
Get Yan to commit a date…….

“Printed with reference to our re-located friend, having a ball of time in London now.” 

By Cheah Hooi Chuan


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