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January 18, 2007

Wanna Contribute to my Church’s JB Flood Relief Task Force ?

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Johor Flood

The flood in Johor is devastating and sad. Its a pity that so many people had to be forced out of their homes in order to get to safety.

My Church is also responding to the needs in Johor. They have set up a JB Flood Relief Task Force who have been down to Johor to assess the situation on how we can all play a part to help our fellow Malaysians in need.

What is Needed?
Currently, the IMMEDIATE NEEDS is to source items(thru sponsorship if possible) and secondary cash donations. Items must be in CARTON form for ease of transportation.

Items Needed

1) Dry Food (Can Food/ Biscuits/ Maggi Mee/etc)
2) Water, Coffee, Tea,
3) Rice
4) Medicine (Antiseptic cream, muscle relaxant, Vits & supplements)  
(Doctors if you are going and can get med, call me separately and will give you med names)
Non Consumables
1) Blankets
2) Toiletries (soap/toothbrush/ toothpaste)
3) Garbage/plastic bags

Children (priority)
1) Milk (children)
2) Baby Diapers
3) Note pads
4) Colour pencils/crayons

The drop zone for any donated items will be in church.

Get them to send directly and call either church personnel to direct you to storage area:
Edward (012 265 6559)
James (012 916 8946)
Chin Choy (012 681 8388)

WE will meet in church on Friday evening at 7pm, carpark to load up the trucks, and the Sat departure details are as follows:

Departure Date : Jan 20 (This Sat)
Briefing : 5:00am
Departure Time : 5:30am   
Departure Venue : Church (No. 6, Jalan 13/4, Jalan Bersatu, 46200 PJ)

God bless     
JB Flood Relief Task Force

Johor Flood


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