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January 9, 2007

Passport Ordeal Part TWO

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Today ….. was much much better than yesterday. 🙂

As usual it all starts at Counter 16!

Imigration Department

Made an effort to be early again (kiasu syndrome), wanted to get in quick and get out of the Immigration Department quick.

So i arrived 5 minutes earlier than yesterday, was at Counter 16 by 7.30(ish) am. Glad to see only one man standing at Counter 16.

Faster stood in line and waited. (Read my book lah!)

We were also pretty anxious to know if the System was running today. So when the an officer passed thru the back area, we called out to the officer. And she replied this way .. totally non commital, “As of now, the system is running!” 🙂 Well i was glad to hear the system was functioning today.

So by the time they opened the counter, which i was pretty amazed at 8.00am sharp. I was given this number.

Passport Number

Cooool huh? Although i was second in line, i got the FIRST number! 🙂 pretty good!

So i sat in front of the counter and waited a bit. At 8.30am the Lapan Kosong Kosong Satu (8-0-0-1) was paged on the numeric board. Was happy, went over to the Counter, and guess what the Officer said.

“Your chip in your passport is faulty, we need to fix it.”

“Huuh? You mean i have to wait again? How long?”

“Not Long …. ”

I sat down .. and true to her words, in 2 minutes “Lapan Kosong Kosong Satu” was paged again, and I collected my passport and left!

🙂 Finally renewal of passport complete! 

My Tip To All in Collecting your Passports in the future. (for Damansara Heights branch).

If you want to be the first few, come early at 7.30-7.40am. You will definitely be in the first two or three in the line. Go straight to Counter 16, if you do not see anyone there, just stand in front of the counter (yes quite Kiasu, but trust me its better than sitting down and someone else coming later and stands at the counter … pushing u back a notch)

Then when they open at 8am (on time), they will give you a number.

By 8.30am i received my passport! So all in all, the waiting was only an hour! Not too bad lah! 🙂


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