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October 31, 2006

Kena cheated – they copied my info into lelong!

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Hmmmmph! This is too much!

Lelong.com is offering RM10 lelong points if you are the first person to post up a Warehouse Sale event on their website.

So i was browsing their Warehouse Sales category that was featured on their website.

AND guess what i found?

Some cheaters took some warehouse sale events from our shoppingNsales website and posted it on lelong.com, thus earning their RM10 lelong points! Too much!

Check out this Versace Sale below: [Click on the picture to view it bigger]

 Versace Clearance Sale

Terrible huh? People nowadays just too much! At least if copy, copy selectively lah and not all the text. It was the [bracket] Text and the Versace Logo on top that gave it away!! And it was not just the Versace Sale, it was a few more too!

Anyway … for those of u who have not visited shoppingNsales yet.. go lah. Its pretty up to date with stuff that u may find that u like!

Some features for what’s available in shoppingNsales this week are:


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  1. Hi friend,
    Why angry???? That normal .Some people earn for their living.You cal join lelong.com.my to earn you Rm 10/- also.This promation no copy right.

    Comment by Teoh — December 29, 2006 @ 9:44 am

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