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October 25, 2006

Open Season was Hillarious

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Open Season

Martin Lawrence is the voice of Boog, a grizzly bear, and Ashton Kutcher is the voice of Elliot, a scrawny one-horned mule deer, in “Open Season”.

WE had a great time today watching Open Season. It was Hillarious. The voice of Marin & Ashton were just a great combination. The Script was pretty lame at times, but the antics and the wit and retorts were just just great.

The characters of Boog & Elliot were an amazing combination. A bear & a deer?! But it worked reeeely well. The other characters …. the Squirrels … the Porcupine (which keeps saying BUDDY) and the rest just help fill up the rest of the show. I won’t be surprise if an Open Season 2 or sequel comes out.

Open SeasonPity the bunnies, their poor sacrifices as being the “scape goat” for every tests and activity that was done in the movie. But it was really funny. U’ll know what i mean, when u go watch it.

U want a no brainer movie and just wanna laugh it all ….. go check out OPEN SEASON!

Open Season

Official Web Page : http://www.openseason.com

Open Season Trailers : http://www.apple.com/trailers/sony_pictures/open_season/


In “Open Season,” a grizzly bear named Boog (voice of Martin Lawrence) has a sweet set-up in the town of Timberline.

He lives in the garage of a nice young ranger named Beth (Debra Messing), who adopted him years before. She’s provided him with a bed, a personalized food bowl, a TV and a nighttime ritual capped by “The Teddy Bears’ Picnic” song. 

One day, after Beth and Boog have done their little song-and-dance act for the tourists, Boog frees a deer named Elliot (Ashton Kutcher) who’s lashed to the hood of a hunter’s truck. He may be missing an antler, but it turns out he’s not dead, and he later looks up Boog and entices him outside.

The promise of a candy bar, or many candy bars, gets Boog to a local store where the pair make a monumental mess. When Boog, virtually drunk on junk food, is brought home, Beth scolds, “You know what sugar does to you.”

After another mishap, Beth decides that perhaps it’s time to relocate Boog to the wild. Dropped into the pristine middle of nowhere, the bear and the buck encounter a forest full of animals, from hostile squirrels to hide-happy hunters, as the pals try to find their way home.

In this year of animated movies, parents and children have played Goldilocks as they’ve found some too long (“Cars”), too scary (for the very young, “Monster House”), too distracting (those udders in “Barnyard) or too derivative (“The Wild”), with only a few that were just right, such as “Over the Hedge” and “The Ant Bully.”

“Open Season” has a couple of lines designed to tickle adults — an animal sampling coffee, a bear looking for a nice indoor bathroom, a joke about squirrels and acorns — and an appreciation for the old-fashioned artistic style of the late Eyvind Earle, but it’s mainly aimed at the younger set. The tone is generally gentle, except for some over-the-top explosions.

Open Season


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  1. if this movie came out before all the animation craze then it would be great because i came out of the preview, feeling like there was nothing memorable to ponder about ‘cept the squirrels and the bunnies.

    Comment by mrs jeff buckley — October 25, 2006 @ 12:32 am

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