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September 29, 2006

The Brokeback Microphone

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This aint a gay story but rather its about a story about a guy!

This is so funny, (but i guess its may not be that humourous from Simon’s view).

U see, we have this guy in church. His name is Simon Lee.

He’s a typical macho guy. Do weights, the handy guy who loves the outdoor and camping and can jog from PJ Old Town to Bandar Utama in one breath … that type of thingy. Needless to say that Simon is also a worshipper and an excellent drummer in our church. He’s such a dear brother.

He loves music, jazz and sound. So it would be rather appropriate that many times out of his own interest, he tends to look into the sound quality of our worship practices, at times he even helps sets it up as well.

Last Thursday nite we had our worship practise. We were using Maranatha Hall, and since the Paradise Live had the Concert in our Church last Sunday, Simon took some time to help re-set up the stage in our church – Maranatha Hall. He’s rather meticulous in all these things, from the positioning of the Microphones, the stands, the feedback monitors and all lah. So he would go about in his way to carry things here and there and put everything in place. to ensure acousticly it sounds great.

So after worship practise last Thursday, something happened.

This was his SMS to me:

Hey Daren

Bad news. Last nite I twisted my back picking up a Mic! Must’ve been a wrong angle. Was ok last nite but tis morning was stiff and now i can’t walk straight or drive. I think i will be out for at least a week. Might want to get another drummer to take over me. So Sorry.


Aiyoh! I dunno whether to smile or to sympathize with him when i read the SMS. Well to be honest i did Smile… (it was quite a big smile:) ). Anyway … poor simon’s aim was to help set up the stage area, but he ended up hurting himself. Yups, it was a Microphone that Broke his Back! – The BrokeBack Microphone! (told you it wasn’t a gay story)

Pray for him to recover ya! 🙂

Charlotte & Simon

And Yes ….  Simon is the guy on the Rite!



  1. hahahaha!

    cracked me up reading about myself. daren sure did put it across in a ‘matter of fact’ and precise way. i mean i have to admit, about the part where daren just had to smile after receiving my sms, that i would have done exactly the same. i mean if it were me, i’d be rolling around laughing pretty hard!

    a lil lesson to all you superman wannabes. you’re 16, 17 and energy level is at optimum. nothing in the world could stop you. not even a massive back injury / knee injury / ankle injury / head injury / any injury of any sort / getting knocked down by a speeding freight train could hold you down. you shrug it off, take the pain and get right back into the game like nothing happened. you dont see a doctor to check out that injury. you dont take medication. you dont take time off to rest. you think you’re superman.

    the rest of the story needs no rocket scientist to figure out. hence the brokeback microphone man.

    just so that everyone reading gets the exact picture of what happened. microphone on floor. bends over and shifts weight (lazy way) to pick up mic. ZAP! ouch! goes on like nothing happened. wakes up next morning regreting not resting the back right after twisting it!

    yours truely,

    the brokeback microphone man
    ps. reminder that no one is superman. especially the dude running around wearing his underwear on the outside and has a blanket attached to his t-shirt as a cape. oh yea, in the words of edna mode from the incredibles, “NO CAPES!”

    Comment by brokeback microphone man — October 1, 2006 @ 12:58 am

  2. Ai yah…. Brother… next time consider doing warm ups before doing heavy stuff..ehheh… Not many people know but all those in performing arts where there is it in music or creative all have warm ups before doing anything…. this goes to those in the Christian circle too. However young fellas out there don’t take what God has given for granted or you end up regreting that you should have taken good care of yourself. Nowadays the “senior citizen” are more stronger than us younger folks..So take my advise, please do not take your health for granted.

    Comment by Adeline Loh — October 6, 2006 @ 2:28 pm

  3. ai yoh… sister… i was already warmed up after carrying heavy stuff before that. haha. had nothing to do with warming up really. had everything to do with not picking things up correctly ie bending your knees and not using your back. thank you for your concerns tho.

    and i do agree on the part of taking care of one’s self 🙂

    Comment by brokeback microphone man — October 9, 2006 @ 10:27 pm

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