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September 10, 2006

Christien & Lavin LIVE at GTRS this Sat : 16 Sep

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There have been lots of recent publicity on Christien & Lavin. For the good or for the bad, i am not too sure. But a whole lot in the press.

Newspaper were spashing headline news about rumours of Amber Chia and her dealings with Christien.

I am very happy to know and say that the air is cleared and all the rumours were just rubbish. (Read the related post – comments below for the news article on Sep 4)

And we met Christien & Lavin in church on 18 June and we just blogged to say that we were sitting next to Christien and Lavin in the Parents section of the Glad Tidings PJ. 🙂 It was a very very short post.

It was so funny as i was reviewing the Blog Stats for just last Friday. My post for Christien & Lavin (We Sat Next to Celebrities) had 200 hits, YES 200!! Wah Liau! on that one day! Hahaha .. so funny lah. People were googling Christien New and my blog would pop up in the top 3 listing! Amazing!!


Anyway .. what’s more exciting is that Christien & Lavin will be guests of our GTRS (Glad Tidings Revival Service) talk show called Live @ 5 this Saturday at 5pm on 16 Sep. With all this interest in Christien & Lavin, I must encourage you to come and be part of this Talk Show as Ps Julie Khoo interviews them this Saturday.

Aptly the focus this Sat at GTRS is

Sept 16-Live @ Five with Entertainers 
“Face to face with Temptations in the Entertainment World” – Guests: Christien & Lavin

So make your way to GTRS this Sat. Location Map is here.


I am very sure this Sat’s Live @ 5 with Christien & Lavin will be a really really exciting time!

See ya!


Web Link : http://www.christienlavin.com/talkshow.html

Web Link : http://www.christienlavin.com/

Related Post : https://deetee.wordpress.com/2006/06/19/we-sat-next-to-celebrities-in-church/


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