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September 8, 2006

Live @ Five with Michael Tang in Glad Tidings Revival Service

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Awesome blossom, my father in law is the guest speaker for Glad Tidings Revival Service (GTRS)’s Live@5 tomorrow and on Sunday’s GTYC Talk @bout Sunday.

The focus will be on him and how he has made an impact in the Market Place and all his successful career. His story is amazing one, where he literally climbed the corporate ladder from the bottom and made it up all the way. Formerly he was the Managing Director of Ogilvy & Mather – and i remember at that time how he took a product and build that product and brand up, till now its a household name with everyone Malaysia… Can you guess the product? Its MILO! Presently he now sits as the Executive Director of Spenser Azizul Advertising.

So you gotta come to church and witness this! Come either tomorrow at 5pm or Sunday at 9.30am.

Check out Michael Tang LIVE!

Live @ Five with Michael Tang: Making a difference in the marketplace!

How do you bring God into your market place? Can this be a reality?

This weekend, Glad Tidings Revival Service (GTRS) brings to you live from Parouisa Hall, Live@Five with the Working Man, the next highlight in this exciting talk show series. Former MD of Ogilvy & Mather and current Managing Director of Spencer Azizul, Mr. Michael Tang will be making an appearance as this week’s guest.

In this session, Ps Julie Khoo together with Mr. Tang, will be focusing on issues concerning the workplace, discovering practical steps in dealing with everyday tasks, and asking pointed questions to unravel how God is the key to excelling in our careers!

If you’ve ever wondered:
     [+] How to remain ethical in a constantly un-ethical work environment
     [+] How to juggle crazy work schedules as well as being involved in ministry
     [+] How to advance in the marketplace and yet not leave God out of your
          business arena

Then this is meant for YOU!

EVERY working person needs to know how to make a difference in their workplace today. So bring your friends along and join us for another fascinating segment of Live@Five!  

Catcha at Glad Tidings Revival Service (GTRS) this Saturday! 


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