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September 4, 2006

Reverend god-pa & Gwen’s license to bury

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It was a havoc race to Seremban yesterday evening. We had a convoy of 4 cars, led by Formula One racer Sean Chan in his Xtrail, and followed closely in an Altis was Brave Bergson or should i say Obedient Bergson (cos he literally followed Sean in all his tactical maneuvers on the North South Highway) and then it was us in a City and lastly Ps Ray in his Unser taking the rear.

Sean was either high on something, or got really excited with Nick’s Mongolian adventures, who was sitting on his side, cos he was really was fast in his driving, cutting in and out of the first and second lanes and just zooming ahead! Whooosh!

Well on a good note, we all reached Seremban safely and in one piece! I guess Sean was driven by hunger afterall, cos rite after we paid the toll, we turned into this shop lot area and had some local makan this cocounut chicken broth, fish head noodle (Yee Tau Mei) and some other stuff. [Err not sure who eats chicken and coconut together!!! Hmm..but we did!] 

Why were we in Seremban? Cos it was the Assemblies of God Ordination Service. And we were there to celebrate with a group of pastors, full timers, ministerial workers of Glad Tidings as they were confered Exalters, Licensed Ministers or Ordained as a Reverend.

And we made our way to Agape Gospel Assembly for the Ordination Service. After a couple of songs, presentations, the various individuals were called up and confered their titles.

So our dear Gwen is now a Licensed Minister … not licensed to kill, but licensed to Marry and to Bury! 🙂 Yes our dear Pastor Gwen! 

And or course the big nite was for those who were ordained, so from Pastor Raymond, he’s now oradined as Reverend Raymond Pu. (Nathanael’s god pa!) So we were kidding, now Nathanael can call him rev god pa!! 🙂

In addition, from GT we had Andrew Russel & Michael Tan conferred as exalters too.

Below Pictures courtesy of Nick Tay 

Group Picture

Group Picture : Celebrating together after the Ordination Service!

Reverend Raymond Pu

Rev Raymond Pu with Karen. He was conferred by Rev Dr Vincent Leoh

Pastor Gwen

Gwen is a Licensed Minister! YAY!

Agape Assembly

Agape Gospel Assembly has a really nice looking church! Very Cool!



  1. Wah my congrats to both Rev Ray & Pastor Gwen la! Aiya u guys ate at the wrong place lor…eating place must ask laundryamah where la,,,

    Comment by laundryamah — September 4, 2006 @ 7:41 pm

  2. What to do … how we know laundryamah knows seremban so well. 🙂

    next time we call u kies? Make sure the food better than our coconut chicken! Yikes!

    Comment by delephant — September 4, 2006 @ 7:49 pm

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