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August 30, 2006

Malaysia Merdeka (National) Day 31 Aug

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Malaysia FlagMalaysia turns 49 years on 31 Aug!

Malaysia is a beautiful country, multi ethnic, multi cultural, and the best part everyone lives in harmony with each other. I guess Malaysia is THE best place for food too, with all types of varieties and availability at almost any time oof the day. The other thing that i love Malaysia is the fact that we are located in a country that has no natural disaster. And i believe that’s something to really Thank God for.

Just an interesting thing to bring to attention. I received an email a month ago with regards to our National Anthem. I believe the orignal composers of our Negaraku, were pretty moved by this Hawaiian song called Mamula Moon. Cos the tune of our Negaraku, comes exactly from the Mamula Moon’s introduction tune.

Artist: Felix Mende
lssohn & His Hawaiian Serenaders
Album: Paradise Isle
Year: 1947 (Duration: 00:02:50)

Malaysia’s National Anthem ~ Negara Ku

Lyrics [Download Negaraku Score]
Negaraku, tanah tumpahnya darahku,
Rakyat hidup, bersatu dan maju,
[Rahmat bahagia, Tuhan kurniakan,
Raja kita, selamat bertakhta.] Repeat Twice

Translation into English
Oh, My Motherland,
The Land where my life began,
Where people live in harmony and prosperity,
[With God-given blessings of happiness,
Our King reigns in peace.] Repeat Twice

That was such an interesting discovery! Cos prior to that i have not heard of anything remotely close to that fact before! Anyway my point is … who cares if Negaraku is to the tune of Mamula Moon or Hawaii Five-0 or for that matter any other tune. But more importantly that each time we sing NegaraKu, that we are proud to be Malaysians and to be patriotic and be supportive and be totally for the Malaysia and the development & progress of Malaysia.

As said by many, and i will quote it here ….. Malaysia Boleh

 Malaysia Flag

Malaysia Flag

Malaysia Flag

Malaysia Flag

Additional Info : Wikipedia


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