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August 28, 2006

Delphi Training is DONE!

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Well Delphi Training is not really done, or rather the Phase 1 of Delphi Training is completed. We finished a very complex and tedious training for the Sales & Marketing team. It took 5 days from 21-25 Aug.

As mentioned earlier, its a new Sales & Marketing software to help manage our accounts, contacts and bookings. So we have to unlearn all our old program (aka Fidelio Sales & Catering) and put on this new program called Delphi.

As you can see it was a pretty hands on training. Thank God the trainer – Bernard Tan was a funny one, who was pretty ONs and had a lot of wise cracks which kept the group awake 🙂 Otherwise …. gonner!

Delphi Training

This is Cornell Room one of our Training Rooms, see how everyone is just focused in getting things done.

Delphi Training

The second Trainer, Leah helping people along thru the new software.

Delphi Training

A class shot, we had in total 40 people in training. Where we had to split the group into two in order to facilitate the entire training process.

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