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August 27, 2006

Undies in the Car

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Aiyoh… mebbe u will feel the same thing i did if and when u see this car yourself. Was driving in ss2 (petaling jaya) yesterday, when i was lined up behind this car at the traffic light.

After a closer scrutiny….. wow .. i mean.. HUH? …. who would hang all these things in car? Talk about airing dirty linen in public!


Here’s the car. Blanked out the license plate numbers. 🙂 Can you see all the stuff hanging in the Back Window? How does one see out of rear view mirror-leh? Hmm… 


Here’s a zoom in of the above picture. Its all doll clothes, from gowns, to suits and even a bikini! 🙂 Hmmm…. I am just amazed at what people hang in their cars. 🙂 So if you see this car in PJ, let me know too ya. Mebbe u can take a picture of the front, cos i saw some Disney characters right up front.


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