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August 20, 2006

Birthday Dinner at King Crab

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Yummy yum yum!! We had a great time tonite at the King Crab Restaurant (off LDP – opposite the Kelana LRT station).

It was our first time there. Thank God we had reservations, cos the place was just overflowing with people. Amazing!

When we stepped in, the interiors were interestingly done up, where the colors were basically yellowish green, and the walls all had a sheet of fiber glass over it, making it glossy and shiny, but horribly for acoustics. The sound in the restaurant was just bouncing off every hard surface, making conversations difficult, pratically had to speak VERY LOUD in order to be heard, and i guess the whole restaurant was speaking RATHER LOUD to be heard over each other's din! 🙂

Enough of all these decorations. We were guests of Emily. She invited us out for dinner to celebrate her Birthday and co-incidently to celebrate Eunice's (her daughter) and Tiff's birthday too. So it was a 3-in-1 thingy.

And now, back to the FOOD, we had crab of course. The buttery sauce that went along with the crab dish we had was amazing. It was so nice, that we had to order additional "Mun Tau" (Chinese Bread) in order to finish the sauce. We scraped the bottom of the bowl and just covered all the Mun Tau with the Crab sauce. Super Yummy!!! 🙂

Anyway, we were here to celebrate Emily's Birthday. And as usual, she also took the opportunity to celebrate Tiff and Eunice's birthday as well. The food was so good, that by the time i took out the camera to catch some pics, we were already done. Plates were stacked up, crab shells were littered over the table, so we didnt take any of those pics lor.

Here are some pictures taken around the table to celebrate the Birthday girls!

Happy Birthday Eunice. Nathanael gave flowers to Eunice & Emily for their birthday!

Euncie & Tiff … that was good crabs!

Alvin, Emily & Gee Yee … as Emily prepared to Blow the Candles out!

Eunice & Tiff – blowing out the Candles together

Nathanael & Grandpa … enjoying the food. Nathanael really love the Mun Tau with the Buttery Sauce. He kept asking for more and more 🙂

Finally, Cheers to Emily for her Birthday and also for taking the VSS from her previous company. Now she's free 🙂


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