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August 11, 2006

The Lifestyle Brainstorm Session

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We had a great time today at KLGCC doing a Brainstorm session for our Lifestyle Programme at the hotel. It was good, cos we were out of our place of work; where there was  no disturbance and interruptions.

There was a total of 15 of us from different backgrounds and various departments forming this Lifestyle Team. We had many sessions of brainstorming together and in our groupings too.

So this is a PHOTO BLOG, as u may be aware i seldom post more than 3 photos in one blog, cos i just dont wanna make it too long, but so many things happened today, so you will see 15 pictures uploaded in this blog!! (Yeah so if u have a slow bandwidth like mine at home – yup a Jaring Dial Up still exists in KL!, it may be kinda slow).

And here the story unfolds on 11 August 2006. . .

Welcome to KLGCC, this is the LifeStyle Team

[L-R: Wiliam, Karen, Michael, Cynthia, Hew, Shariman, Toshio, Rachel, Richard, Cindy, Daren (moi), Eddie, Catherine, Veronica, Jess]

Our Resident Manager, Richard Johnson gave his opening spiel

Rachel Wong, Director of Sales & Marketing was our facilitator for the entire programme

Yes, already Coffee Break, We had a great Meeting Room that overlooked the 36-hole golf course at KLGCC. Here we have William's Angels. In Hanoi we learned that he had 6 wives, and now he seemed to have added on a few more! 🙂


The GUYS pic. Our dear Japanese Dir of Sales just earned two horns!

Just to show some pictures that we really did work, and not just have coffee breaks and fun! 🙂 Here Jess, Catherine & Cindy are in an earnest discussion on what should we do after this Brainstorm Session … durians… mebbe?

Speaking of Durians, I think someone must have let go some gas, why is the room so smelly…. hmmmmm……. poor Cynthia.

Poke Poke!! Karen poking at the screen … as she builds the mind mapping setup!


There was a huge draft in the room. It was like a Twin Propellor spinning at 200000 rounds per second. Amazing huh? I can only use my right hand to spin a pen/pencil. Here is Jes with the most amazing feat that no other Rooms Division Manager in Malaysia can do, spinning two dangerous sharp pointed pencils at speeds faster than the blink of the human eye.  It was so fast, the photo caught a BLURR image of the pencils.

Makan time. U can see everyone is so happy here! Makan makan makan! What else do we do when we all come together. 🙂

🙂 Jess, Veronica, Cynthia

🙂 Hew, Catherine, Cindy

🙂 Toshio, Shariman, Michael

🙂  Rachel & Toshio

🙂 Eddie & Karen

🙂 William & me


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  1. I added your site to my bookmarks. I’ve got this growing list I’ll actually be coming back to. 🙂 Yeah, other than the ones we all ignore. For know though I have to go back to work. No rest for the weary!

    Comment by golf schools — August 30, 2006 @ 7:48 am

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