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August 10, 2006

I googled a Free Mind Mapping tool + YAY, Found one online!

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Aiyoh… a whole team of us are going out of the hotel tomorrow (11 Aug) for an entire day of Brain Storming at the KLGCC. It will be fun! Well not that KLGCC is a fun place, but the idea of going to do Brain Storming outside of the work place is FUN! 🙂

It all started at the Regional Annual Marketing Meeting (RAMM) in Tokyo (in June). And the person that presented to our bosses, taught them about Brainstorming using Mind Mapping.

So after they got back, they got really excited and executed this program to get us out of our workplace to do brainstorming. [Digressing – Alvin was telling me that he heard that when APPLE [err the ipod & mac makers] brainstorms -they too take a day, in a very comfortable room, relaxed atmoshphere with comfortable clothes…and they brainstorm and come up with new and fresh ideas/products for the company …. mebbe that’s why they are such great key market leaders for their industry]

Anyway… in the act of brainstorming, at RAMM, the facilitator used a Mind Mapping software and that really got my bosses intrigued with the system. When they came back and started checking out the cost and possibility of buying one, found out that it was rather expensive and not many people actually gave a training on how to use the software after buying it. So we mooted the idea of buying a software and resorted to using the traditional flip charts.

And then … just two days before we head off to KLGCC for our brainstorm session, i googled MIND MAPPING SOFTWARE… and guess what i found?

I instantly found a FREE Mind Mapping software (running on Java) called Free Mind (how ingineous named product). But who’s complaining about the name, its a free ware!!! 🙂

So did a few more searches and found a good site on Mind Mapping and found out that there’s actually an 8 Step Processes in mapping out stuff. Hmmm so interesting wan!

Anyway, for those of you who until now, have faithfully read up to this paragraph and have no clue whatsoever i am talking about… here’s how a mind map looks like. Anyway, its a freeware, go download and try it out yourself, it may help you and your team in your Brainstorming Activities.

Mind Mapping


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  1. Thank you for the tipp, a great tool.

    Comment by Logo Design — September 18, 2007 @ 8:11 pm

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