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August 4, 2006

Worship Practise with loads of FUN! :)

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We had such a blast last nite in Parousia Hall. We were having our Worship practise for the upcoming Sat & Sun Worship services at Glad Tidings PJ.

Everyone didnt wanna stop. The musicians were really ONs, they started playing a Hip Hop beat to the Old Rugged Cross (Hymn) … mebbe someone should just have Rapped : So i cherished the old rugged cross and exchange it someday for a Crown!

And after the Rugged Cross, we sort of finished. Gwen asked… okies… let’s decide Vat to Vear on Saturday?

And then the Elec Guitar lit up … and started jamming, Eric was really into it, Simon & Daniel quickly jumped on the band wagon and started playing together …. and before you know it the Rift became the introduction to THE TIME HAS COME! 🙂

And before we could say anything else … the singers started singing ” … Caught in the Mercy Fall out, I found hope, found life, found all i Need ……… ”

And we began singing THE TIME HAS COME …. so farnie.. we even went to the Bridge solo for the Bass & Elec …… then when we finally finished the song “Yeah all the Praise goes out to You!!!” ……… we were like all in SMILES 🙂

Then Sean was like. . ummm.. u were saying what do we wear ah? Then Daniel popped up the rift for TAKE IT ALL ……. and then we started again … singing Take Take Take it All!!

hahaha … so farnie ….. so fun …. so convincing……. that after all of that Gwen & I are changing our first song to The Time Has Come for the Saturday service! 🙂 hehe

The TIME HAS COME is written by Joel (Houston), and its such a great fun and fast paced song to lift up our Praises to the God! Its amazing, the beat is great, the words are awesome. We did this song recently when our team was leading in the concert for TIME’s UP CONCERT (Youth Alive Malaysia), and i dunno for what reason we didnt sing it until last week, when the SS19 secondary cell led worship for GTYC. 🙂 Anyway its an amazing song and we’re doing it this Sat.

Here are the Lyrics, Chords & Song Sample. Click here to listen to it. 


Words and Music by Joel Houston VERSE:Found love beyond all reasonYou gave your life Your all for meAnd called me Yours foreverCaught in the mercy falloutI found hope found lifeFound all I needYou’re all I need PRE CHORUS:The time has comeTo stand for all we believe inSo I for one am gonnaGive my praise to You CHORUS:Today today it’s all or nothingAll the wayThe praise goes out to YouYeah all the praise goes out to YouToday today I live for one thingTo give You praiseIn everything I doYeah all the praise goes out to You BRIDGE:All we are is YoursAnd all we’re living forIs all You areIs all that You are Lord © 2005 Joel Houston / Hillsong PublishingPO Box 1195 Castle Hill NSW 1765 Australia

PH 61 2 8853 5353 FAX 61 2 9899 4591

The Time Has Come Chords : https://deetee.files.wordpress.com/2006/08/the-time-has-come.pdf



  1. My modern fave’s “Windows of Heaven are Opening” and “Song of All Songs”.Good Luck, God bless.

    Comment by Emmanuel — August 4, 2006 @ 2:43 pm

  2. as i was searching over the internet about the guitar chords of the
    latest album of hillsong, i found your page instead and viewed a couple
    of pages then i saw your pasion in worshipping GOD i was amazed and
    blessed… oh by the way i’m nori from the philippines praise and
    worship team leader… i do the drums most of the time and somtimes
    guitar and sometimes worship leading. i have a couple of guitar chords
    and lyrics of some album of HILLSONG and others. if you want me to send
    it to you just email me keefe612003@yahoo.com GOD BLESS!!! continue to
    rock for GOD!!!

    Comment by Nori — August 7, 2006 @ 7:41 am

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