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July 24, 2006

There were 12,000+ at Doulos

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Yesterday we all left church at about 1.30pm, there were 4 Busses and 2 cars .. with about 180+ of us going to Doulos. I guess it was pretty exciting for most, as it would be their first time on board the ship.

We took the Kesas Highway, headed towards Pulau Indah and the rain started pouring. We were praying that the rain would stop or to not rain at Doulos. Praise God the weather cleared when we were half way driving on the Kesas Highway.

After crossing the bridge to get to Pulau Indah, we turned into the Star Cruise Terminal. WOW!!! There were lots of people heading to Doulos too yesterday. The busses parked and everyone came down, and lined up to go in. We arrived about 2.30pm.

The lines were very much like Disney Land park rides. Long and twisted! We turned and turned and turned and even passed thru an x-ray machine to get into the terminal boarding area. Finally passing all the twisted lines, we came to an open air area, where the jetty/pathway led to Doulos, more excitment in the air. And it was here, that God taught us this beautiful fruit of the Spirit …. aka … Patience! If you look at the pictures taken, these were the ones all taken at this open pathway leading to Doulos.

The first group that actually made it into Doulos … entered at 4.30pm. Yups yups yups a 2hours wait to line up and just to board Doulos.

We brought Nathanael along for the ride thinking it would be a fun and exciting experience for him to board Doulos. But many who came down the ship told us that it was really claustraphobic and ventilation was bad. Plus we had a stroller… it would really be a big challenge.

So we decided to wait it out.. and explained to Nathanael, we will bring you to Doulos the next time it comes back to Port Klang.

There were many who boarded who brought back souvenirs like Starbucks Coffee (they serve Starbucks at RM12 a cup on board!!) and yes they bought books too. But you really had to know what you want and go for it and wait in queue. So thus.. that was our experience at Doulos yesterday. 🙂

On the way out, one of the senior people managing the port area said that we touched 12,000 people yesterday, he asked us to come back on a weekday, cos the crowd is normally only 1,000 and you can walk straight on to the boat! 🙂

Check out our picture here (13 pics).





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