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July 10, 2006

Finally …. the computer is fixed!!

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Sigh…… so sad. Can’t do anything without a computer these days.

Thank God for Danny… our Asst IT Manager.. he managed to salvage whatever that was left on my old pc… fixed it and gave me a new hard disk (or mebbe he formated the old one).

The only thing i really really dislike – even hating – is the fact that i must customize my own PC … can’t stand to see icons that are not used. Wanna make my own shortcuts to all the files i use.

But at work…the policies here are so tight that 90% of your Right-Mouse-Button are restricted, no Thumb Drives, no access to Windows Explorer, no this …. no that ….. sigh and double sigh!

Anyway .. spent a good part of this morning re-setting the parts that i have access to. Reset all my fav icons & short cuts. Customize all my Word & Excel & Powerpoint & Outlook toolbars, and recopy my Favourite Links back ……. thanks Danny for saving my Fav Bookmarks!! Would be really a pain to lose them all.

Errr… actually is it just me. Or do any of you Customize your Word fonts, List of Files to see, Put in all the commands into your Toolbars!! Can’t stand the boring general toolbars!

So finally i can now work again! 🙂 yay!!!

Surfing Back to work … 😉 I can SURF again!!


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  1. i know how u feel…my hd had to be reformated last september…but good for me, i have full control of my laptop. I can install anything i want, as long as its not illegeal software

    Comment by Nicktay — July 10, 2006 @ 5:53 pm

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