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June 21, 2006

Badminton Blooper

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Every Tuesday nite a group of us play badminton at the Sri Petaling Primary School (opposite Bukit Bintang Boy School) at sect 14, PJ.

So last nite one of our dear friends brought along his girlfriend to the game. In fact last nite two guys brought along their girlfriends to the game.

Anyway, the first guy and his girl friend was playing with Daniel and me.

So they had a pep talk before the game. Briefing her where to stand, what to do, and this guy would help cover if Daniel or I attack. He actually plays well too!!

So we started, he tried defending every shuttle they flew accross, he would run for the ball at the back, at the front, at the sides.

Eventually, we hit over a shot where it flew behind the girl, he instinctively ran behind, got there in time, placed his shot and with all his strength hit the shuttle to bring the ball back to our court.

Unfortunately…. the shuttle didnt get to our court. It hit his girlfriend squarely behind the ears ……. OUCH!!!

Poor guy…. I hope he will get to live to see the next morning! 🙂 hahaha…..

(Oh yes .. poor girl!)


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  1. yeahla..dunno why suddenly our friends bring their pak tor along..ehehee..

    badminton courts are not a good place for dating la..ehehehe..very injury prone..

    so alex, what happen next ar??? share abit la..

    Comment by Anthony — June 21, 2006 @ 3:12 pm

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