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June 19, 2006

We sat next to Celebrities in church !!!

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Wow.. cool nya.

We were in church yesterday celebrating Father's day, and didnt realize that the couple sitting next to us were Christien & Lavin who have their Talk Show on NTV7 called Christien Lavin Celebrity Secrets. So coool.

Must now check out the show on NTV7 at 6pm on Friday. Coooolnya!

Check out their website …





  1. Okay, I’ve been wondering something lately. Imagine it’s Sunday morning, your HUGE church is full of people worshipping, praying, listening to the sermon, and someone pulls out a camera and starts taking pictures. Does anyone notice? Does anyone think it’s weird? Does the bright flash cause the preacher to lose his train of thought? I think we’ve stumbled onto a major cultural difference here between East and West. Anyway, enough pictures of church! I want more of my nephew! Love to all. Tawnya

    Comment by Tawnya — June 29, 2006 @ 11:57 am

  2. Glad to see the latest update on the Amber Chia accusation with Christien & Lavin in today’s news.

    It’s in Malay Mail
    “Amber ‘liberated'”

    In the end, model cum actress Amber Chia felt ‘liberated’ from rumours of her ‘affair’ with Christien New, who is married to Lavin Seow, his co-host in the ntv7 talk show, Christien Lavin Celebrity Secrets.

    More so, when she claimed that the celeb couple apologised to her. But that’s news to the couple who refuted the claim!

    Denying the ‘affair’, Chia said it was just a ‘misunderstanding’ between her and the couple.

    “I think the issue was exaggerated. There’s nothing between me and New.

    “I don’t know how the rumour started as I was in Kuching when it surfaced. I only knew about it after I returned. I was shocked.”

    She said she went out for lunch with the the couple on Aug 30, the eve of Merdeka Day.

    “We had a heart-to-heart talk for about one to two hours. New and Seow later apologised as they had misunderstood the situation.”

    Chia also refused to take legal action as she didn’t want to prolong the matter.

    “My lawyer asked me if I wanted to take legal action but I refused as Lavin is eight months pregnant. There’s no need for that as everything has been settled. She shouldn’t be facing this during her pregnancy.”

    She is relieved now that the matter is over.

    New and Seow are going to issue a Press release on the matter to the media soon.

    “We have decided not to talk about it anymore,” she said. “New and Seow are going to clarify the matter, once and for all. The media is going to get it very soon.”

    The Malay Mail reported on Aug 23 that Chia was rumoured to be having an affair with a married man months after she appeared in the Indonesian edition of Playboy.

    She was blamed for trying to ‘steal’ New. They were spotted together by a fan and it was reported in a Chinese daily. It was also alleged that the two were sending each other SMSes.

    Denying the allegations, Chia, who is also a Guess? spokesman, had then hoped that a clarification from the couple would clear her name.

    Seow, an actress and a former Miss Malaysia 1997 runner-up who owns a cosmetics business, suspected something when she read Chia’s messages on New’s cell phone, one of which read “I miss you”.

    Chia responded by saying that she was unaware that New was married and had apologised.

    She met New when she was a guest in the first season of the talk show.

    LINK – http://www.mmail.com.my/Current_News/mm/Monday/Frontpage/20060904095417/Article/index_html

    Comment by delephant — September 4, 2006 @ 4:25 pm

  3. […] It was so funny as i was reviewing the Blog Stats for just last Friday. My post for Christien & Lavin (We Sat Next to Celebrities) had 200 hits, YES 200!! Wah Liau! on that one day! Hahaha .. so funny lah. People were googling Christien New and my blog would pop up in the top 3 listing! Amazing!! […]

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  4. i even heard she is seing some foreigner, probaly german

    Comment by lilly — June 30, 2007 @ 5:32 pm

  5. Hey where have you been? all old stories..I have heard now she is very very close with an Indonesian guy..I think have seen both of them several times in Bangsar, Mid Valley!

    Comment by ryan — July 19, 2008 @ 5:04 am

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