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June 19, 2006

Petaling Jaya will be a CITY tomorrow (20 June 2006)

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Wow.. I lived and was brought up in PJ. WOW! Finally Petaling Jaya (or PJ as its commonly known and not to be mistaken as PJ – PutraJaya), is finally a CITY.

Cooool! Though i am not sure what that will mean for all of us? Perhaps further development, higher status of living… a better lifestyle? Hmmm….

Check out the two news article below


Monday June 19, 2006
Cool response to PJ becoming a city


PETALING JAYA: It should be a proud moment for the residents of Petaling Jaya but it seems that many of them are not aware that the town they live in will attain city status tomorrow. 

None of the people interviewed by The Star at several locations here yesterday, knew that June 20 was the day when Petaling Jaya would become Malaysia's newest city. 

A biochemistry student who only wanted to be known as Dhaya expressed surprise, as she had thought Petaling Jaya's status had already been upgraded five days ago. 

“I thought the celebration was already over,” the 21-year-old said. 

Many also considered the declaration less than significant.  

Suzanne Goh, 28, said the declaration would be “just another celebration” because Petaling Jaya had “felt like a city all this while.” 

Goh, who volunteers at a recycling initiative, hoped that once city status was achieved, Petaling Jaya would intensify efforts to get its denizens to recycle their waste. 

“I hope to have better cooperation with the local council in efforts to reduce waste and to further improve public awareness on recycling,” she said. 

A manager Wong Chee Kin, 42, said: “If they use public money well, it does not matter if PJ is a village or a city.” 

When asked what their wishes were for the City of Petaling Jaya, many hoped for an improved standard of living.  

“I hope the crime rate will be lower, and that there will be more jobs. I also hope the place will be cleaner,” said Tang Chee Han, 24, an accounts controller. 

Mohd Nazari Abdul Majid, 45, a security administration officer, also expressed hope for better living standards. 

“It is part of achieving Vision 2020. There should be better facilities and more jobs,” he said. 

When asked whether they could name all the other cities in Malaysia, none could.  

While all knew that Kuala Lumpur was a city, several named Putrajaya, Penang, Klang and surprisingly even Kulim as cities.


Monday June 19, 2006
Great expectations for Petaling Jaya


PETALING Jaya’s elevation to city status tomorrow marks a significant milestone for Klang Valley’s most thriving satellite town, and people from all walks of life harbour hope for more improvements in the days ahead. 

While the business community lauds the opportunities expected to come its way, the residents and working population here are more concerned about the intrinsic values and changes that will come about. 

The people’s main concern when Petaling Jaya assumes the new status relates to the effectiveness and efficiency of the new city council in delivering services to them. 

PJ folks would welcome any improvement in the public amenities and quality of life for them, especially if the city status comes with a bigger development and expenditure budget.  

“With the recent increase in assessment rates, we hope that the authorities will give better amenities and infrastructure for the residents' general well-being and quality of life,” retiree Ng Tick Sing of Kelana Jaya said.  

Residents who live near commercial hubs and busy roads are apprehensive of the potential influx of visitors and the increase in the number of vehicles on the roads.  

From Town To City: PJ's new status makes it an ideal location for developers to consider more well-planned and prestigious projects.

Their prime concerns are whether the new city council has drawn up plans to upgrade the infrastructure and public amenities, including having wider roads, more car parking facilities and more public parks. 

To cope with the anticipated increase in traffic, the city can do with a better public transportation system, including a modernised fleet of buses and extension of the light rail transit system to more parts of PJ.  

Property owners would have reason to celebrate if the city status resulted in an appreciation in the values of PJ properties.  

But this is subject to demand and supply, the location of the property, and future development plans outlined for the city. 

While the prestige of a city address may be a bonus for these property owners, there is a price to pay. Property owners will find that they have to dig deeper into their pockets to pay higher assessment rates for their properties. 

According to Glomac Bhd group managing director Datuk FD Iskandar, a balance should be struck between social and economic interests.  

“Despite the success of urbanisation in PJ over the years, there is a recognition that the improvements need to be radically improved and greatly enhanced to cope with the increasing demands of the residents.  

The Kelana Centre Point in Petaling Jaya is just part of the development in the new Petaling Jaya.

“The challenge would be to develop 21st century living and working conditions for residents and maintaining them at the highest possible standards,” Iskandar said.  

To become a sustainable city, it must be able to attract new businesses and investors, and this hinges on factors such as location accessibility, business volume and growth opportunities. 

Generally, the business community, including departmental stores, mini markets and food and beverage outlets, is looking forward to bustling business.  

For developers, it means their projects will be able to ride on the more prestigious PJ address. 

Petaling Jaya’s new status makes it an ideal location for developers to consider more well planned and prestigious developments for the growing affluent population.  

There is also good potential for redevelopment and modernisation of the older parts of town, in both commercial and residential areas.  

According to Mah Sing Group Bhd president and group chief executive Datuk Leong Hoy Kum, PJ’s city status will boost property values and enable existing residents to upgrade into better residences after enjoying a value appreciation of their property.  

“It will attract more residents to the city which will further contribute to the capital growth of properties. It will definitely enhance the image and improve the prestige of developments,” he said. 

Petaling Jaya’s new status makes it an ideal location for developers to consider more well-planned and prestigious developments.  

The Millenium Square in Petaling Jaya

“The prime, prestigious location is tailor-made to suite our business strategy of focusing our developments in strategically selected key areas which are enjoying high growth. 

“We will continue to drive our growth by building quality and well-planned medium to high-end semi-detached homes and bungalows in prime, affluent areas as these have helped us build a premium brand,” Leong added. 

Residential projects with comprehensive landscaping and gated and guarded security would be features that many upgraders and first-time buyers would appreciate. 

The city status will also act as a catalyst to enhance other neighbouring townships, especially with the accessibility provided by the improved infrastructure network such as the Federal Highway, North-South Expressway, Damansara-Puchong Expressway, Sprint Highway and the New Pantai Highway (NPE). 

Malton Bhd director of sales and marketing Terence Saw said PJ has much to gain from its new status. 

“Having the appropriate infrastructure in place, more innovative development concepts can be established, which is sure to receive good response from the people.  

“Likewise, the confidence level of the existing dwellers as well as others will undoubtedly increase and they will be seeking PJ as the prime and better place to live and work. I predict more people will be focusing on PJ than anywhere else, at least for the next few years,” Saw said. 

Saw said he anticipated a beeline of developers who are eager to introduce good and innovative developments and concepts into the market.  

Besides more lifestyle residential projects, there is also room for well-designed and located commercial buildings,  

Another property segment that is catching up is service apartments, as the occupancy rates for most PJ hotels are averaging 85%. This will be further bolstered by a freeze in the development of service apartments in Kuala Lumpur.


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