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June 17, 2006

Down, Sad ? … Be uplifted with Israel Houghton’s worship

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Israel Houghton 

Been speaking to couple of people. What do you do when things don’t really go the way you expected or if you’re down in the dumps?

I love the fact that i drive to work each day. And in the 45 mins or so, worshipping in the car is just awesome. Singing praises and just putting Christ first in all things are just the best thing to do always. So I recommend if you’re down or things are not going your way, try to Worship.

Then you may ask which CD should i listen to? Try this CD by Israel Houghton, Alive in Africa.  

I’ve been totally ministered, blest and so encouraged by the words and worship that Israel Houghton & New Breed have been leading in their recent album – Alive in South Africa.

Its amazing, the songs are just so great and the words are from the Bible and the Words just jumps out at you.

My fav songs are : Turn It Around, Still Standing, (I simply just love the medley he did for)  New Season to Friend of God and He Still Knows My Name.

Lyrics : Turn It Around


All things are possible for You

All things are possible

Nothing’s too difficult for You

Nothing’s too difficult


I’m ready for change

Ready for rain

Ready for favor

I know You’re able to


Turn it around

Open the windows of heaven

Pour out a blessing overflow

Turn it around

Open the windows of heaven

Pour out a blessing

We cannot contain it

Let it rain


You have turned my mourning to dancing

You’ve turned my sorrow to joy

You have turned my whole life around

And I thank You

I thank You Lord

Find out more about the CD. (Listen to Samples) Click Here.


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  1. i agree.

    Comment by Cheree — January 11, 2007 @ 1:40 am

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